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Setting Up an Account kek
If this is the first time you place an order with us, you will need to set up an account with us. Please go to the Register page and follow the hint to proceed.

Order Methods
Online: You may place all your orders via our online order system.
Email: Please send your eamil orders to sales@1pchem.com
Telephone: You may call us at (858)215-1656 to place your order.

Payment Methods
We accept credit card, wire transfer and company check (US customers only).

By Credit Cards: We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you are ordering online then you may enter the credit card informaon using our secure ordering system; otherwise please email us (sales@1pchem.com) the following information: (1) Card type, (2) Card number, (3) Expiraon date, (4) Card holder name and address, including city, state and zip code.

By Check: Check or money order. Please make it payable to 1Pluschem LLC., and send it to our mailing address. By ACH or Wire Transfer: Please send your payment to the bank account on the invoice. When making such a payment please make sure that you send a remiance advice (list of inovices) to the email address you receive invoices from. This is mandatory. We will not be able to process any more of your orders if we are unable to apply your payment to open invoices due to lack of this informaon.

Shipping Rates and Policies

- Domestic (FCA San Diego)
All orders are shipped FOB San Diego, CA. Shipping methods and rates are stated below:

Shipping Method Shipping Charge (up to 1 lb)
FedEx 2nd Day (Default): $35.00
FedEx Overnight Standard: $40.00
FedEx Overnight Priority: $55.00
FedEx Ground: $20.00

*For most zones in the United States


- International (FCA San Diego)
International orders are delivered by FedEx except to India, which may be delivered by DHL. It usually takes about 2 - 5 business days for FedEx to deliver to a foreign country. Please contact FedEx directly for more details. The shipping fee is as follows.

Country Shipping fee (up to 1 lb)
Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland,
France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia,
Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Chile, Croatia,
Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Poland,
Slovakia, South Africa, Latvia


Canada $60.00
India (DHL) $145.00


- International (FCA China site)
For all listed as In Stock China items, will be shipped from our China site directly from China or from San Diego. Depends on which country the shipping address is to.

For USA customers: there will be 2-3 lead time to ship from the San Diego warehouse after the ordering.

For customers outside the USA, there will be 1 week to ship out from the China site. Clients will respond to the import issue such as clearance. If you need to ship from the USA, please contact with 1Pluschem before placing the order. 


Shipping Method Shipping Charge (up to 1 lb)
FedEx Intl. Priority (Default): $125.00



- HazMat Fee (FCA San Diego)
If you ordered a hazardous compound, there will be a HazMat fee per item to ship a dangerous good, unless one of the following is true:
* The package is shipped via FedEx Ground.
* Each bottle is in Excepted Quantity, which is up to 1g for class 6.1 packing group I or II, and up to 25g for all other HazMat items we have.

The HazMat fee will be charged to your account by the courier if it is shipped on your FedEx/DHL account, or else it will be added to the invoice otherwise.

Below is the fee schedule of FedEx for HazMat:

HazMat Type HazMat Fee
Excepted Quantity $00.00
FedEx Ground $00.00
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1), Domestic $45.00
Inaccessible (Haz class 6.1), International $70.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5, or 8), Domestic $90.00
Accessible (Haz class 3, 4, 5, or 8), International $142.00

Notice Please: The actual HazMat Handling cost might be different due to each chemical product.


- HazMat Fee (FCA China)
For all hazardous compounds, if less than 1lb and accept packed into small quantities, such as 25g a pack size (extra packing fee may be required), there might be no extra HazMat handling cost. Or else, there will be at least $300/shipment, the actual cost will according to FedEx's standard. 

By Carrier HazMat Handling Fee/Shipment
FedEx Intl. Priority  $300.00


- Handling Fee for Collect Account Shipping
If you choose to ship your order using your FedEx or DHL account, the following handling fee will be added to the invoice:

Order Type Handling Fee
Domestic Order $10.00
International Order $25.00



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