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Benzene, 1-ethyl-4-nitro-




Molecular Formula:C8H9NO2

Molecular Weight:151.1626

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 4-ETHYLNITROBENZENE; 100-12-9; RESTWAHJFMZUIZ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; CCRIS 3100; NSC858; NSC 858; 4-Nitroethylbenzene; EINECS 202-821-1; 4-ethyl nitrobenzene; p-Ethyl nitro benzene; AC1L1OUV; ACMC-2097mw; 1-Ethyl-4-nitrobenzene; ETHYL4-NITROBENZOATE; KSC498K6T; SCHEMBL128402; DTXSID9059206; SCHEMBL12640633; CTK3J8569; NSC-858; KS-00000W6U; ZINC1587641; ANW-14166; p-Ethylnitrobenzene; MFCD00007385; SBB060635; AKOS000120517; MCULE-9589803438; TRA0059468; CJ-05562; CJ-25341; L716; TC-102911; E0154; Benzene, 1-ethyl-4-nitro-; ST50412007; J-513472; InChI=1/C8H9NO2/c1-2-7-3-5-8(6-4-7)9(10)11/h3-6H,2H2,1H; 94234-68-1; 2-Ethylnitrobenzene; 1-ethyl-4-nitrobenzen; C8H9NO2; CID7480; C8-H9-N-O2; 4-(4-Carboxybenzyl)thiomorpholine 1,1-dioxide; p-Nitroethylbenzene; p-Nitrophenylethane; Benzene,1-ethyl-4-nitro-; 4-ethyl-1-nitrobenzene; 1-ethyl-4-nitro-benzene;

Keywords: 100-12-9,MFCD00007385,1P0000MK,Benzene, 1-ethyl-4-nitro-,C8H9NO2

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