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Benzenemethanamine, 3-methyl-




Molecular Formula:C8H11N

Molecular Weight:121.1796

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 3-Methylbenzylamine; 100-81-2; Benzylamine, m-methyl-; 3-Methyl-benzylamine; MFCD00008118; 3-Methylbenzylamine, 98%; [(3-Methylphenyl)methyl]amine; RARECHEM AL BW 0164; RGXUCUWVGKLACF-UHFFFAOYSA-N; (3-methylphenyl)methylamine; 3-Methylbenzenemethanamine; 3-tolylmethylamine; m-Tolylmethanamine; 3-methyl-benzylamin; EINECS 202-890-8; 3-Methyl benzylamine; PubChem10198; AC1Q2INT; AC1Q2NHW; 3-methyl-benzenemethanamin; AC1L24FK; ACMC-1C77J; SCHEMBL39821; (3-Methylphenyl)methanamine; KSC178Q5J; (3-Methylphenyl)methanamine #; CHEMBL274573; PARAGOS 510039; AKOS BBV-010997; DTXSID3059218; CTK0H8854; OTAVA-BB 1038610; LABOTEST-BB LTBB005393; ACT07990; Benzenemethanamine, 3-methyl-; ALBB-005972; STR04724; ZINC2015949; ANW-14370; LABOTEST-BB LT03330869; SBB048016; STK503649; AKOS000130458; AM83138; AS00385; m-Methylbenzylamine; CS-W004682; LS11219; MCULE-7858581076; RP19435; RTX-011919; VZ27105; AC-17021; AJ-32619; AK-98167; L550; m-Xylylamine; SY004247; AB0014767; DB-000198; ST2419452; BB 0253725; FT-0616138; M1274; ST50946584; TL80090570; AZ0001-0472; 1-(3-methylphenyl)methanamine; EN300-29981; MFCD00008118 (98%); M-8613; 100M812; I01-6425; J-512890; InChI=1/C8H11N/c1-7-3-2-4-8(5-7)6-9/h2-5H,6,9H2,1H; 3-Methylbenzylamin; C8H11N; C8-H11-N; 3-Methylbenzyl amine; CID66015; 3-Methylbenzylamine, 98% - 25G 25g; R308; alpha-Amino-m-xylene;

Keywords: 100-81-2,MFCD00008118,1P0000OM,Benzenemethanamine, 3-methyl-,C8H11N

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