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Benzenemethanamine, 3-fluoro-




Molecular Formula:C7H8FN

Molecular Weight:125.1435

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 3-Fluorobenzylamine; 100-82-3; 3-Fluorobenzylamine, 97%; QVSVMNXRLWSNGS-UHFFFAOYSA-N; m-fluorobenzyl amine; EINECS 202-891-3; 3-fluorobenzyl amine; meta-Fluorobenzylamine; PubChem4417; (3-fluorobenzyl)amine; 3-fluorophenylmethylamine; 658-25-3; (3-Fluorophenyl)methanamine; 3-Fluorobenzenemethanamine; 3-Fluorobenzylamine 97%; AC1Q53VK; AC1Q53VL; ACMC-1C82T; SCHEMBL20927; KSC490I1F; CHEMBL12722; (3-Fluorophenyl)methanamine #; AC1L26B5; m-Fluorobenzylamine; SCHEMBL1197296; RARECHEM AL BW 0158; AKOS BBV-014655; DTXSID8059219; CTK3J0412; TIMTEC-BB SBB028218; ZINC152271; ACN-S003774; ACT12985; ALBB-007577; Benzenemethanamine, 3-fluoro-; JRD-0176; KS-00000KY8; ANW-14373; BBL013291; EBD563753; SBB028218; STK504635; AKOS000132809; AC-9770; AN-6291; 1-(3-fluorophenyl)methanamine; AS01937; CS-W020632; MCULE-9934038494; PS-9202; RP00779; RTR-000253; VZ26882; AJ-12712; AK-80195; I768; 3-Fluoro-benzylamine; SC-00057; DB-000191; TR-000253; AM20020061; F0539; FT-0085029; FT-0615727; ST50947315; TL80090573; EN300-33064; MFCD00008113; A22212; B-6234; I01-0261; W-108937; (3-Fluorophenyl)methanamine;3-fluoro-benzenemethanamin;meta-Fluorobenzylamine; Benzylamine der; 3-fluorbenzylamin; z1r cf; 3-Fluoro benzylamine; C7H8FN; Benzylamine, m-fluoro-; C7-H8-F-N; AIDS011075; CID66853; AR-1L8283; 3-Fluorobenzylamine, 97% - 1G 1g; R310; 67952-45-8; (3-fluorophenyl)methylamine;

Keywords: 100-82-3,MFCD00008113,1P0000OL,Benzenemethanamine, 3-fluoro-,C7H8FN

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