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Sulfamic acid, N-cyclohexyl-




Molecular Formula:C6H13NO3S

Molecular Weight:179.2373

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Synonyms: Calcium Cyclamate; Cyclamate; Potassium Cyclamate; Tox21_112285_1; CCG-213726; CS-2641; FCH3461095; MCULE-4630986316; NSC-220327; NSC-760133; NCGC00165999-02; NCGC00165999-03; NCGC00254910-01; Sodium Cyclamate; AJ-26616; AN-24568; AN-43827; CC-26023; LS-56995; SC-19191; N-Cyclohexylsulfamic acid, >=98.0% (T); RT-001044; FT-0624197; ST45025486; Cyclamic acid; SW219574-1; C02824; D02442; 61097-EP2275105A1; 61097-EP2289882A1; 61097-EP2289886A1; 61097-EP2298744A2; 61097-EP2298761A1; 61097-EP2308848A1; 99387-EP2301940A1; Cyclohexylsulfamic acid; AB01563182_01; AB01563182_02; 139245-EP2269988A2; 139245-EP2270008A1; 139245-EP2275413A1; 139245-EP2287153A1; 139245-EP2287156A1; 139245-EP2292617A1; C-25291; SR-01000940120; 100-88-9; J-000244; SR-01000940120-2; I14-44518; Cyclamic acid, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Reference Standard; Cyclam; Cyclamate, sodium; SODIUM CYCLAMATE; CALCIUM CYCLAMATE; POTASSIUM CYCLAMATE; C6H13NO3S; Cyclohexanesulfamic acid; CYCLOHEXANESULFAMICACID; >>.A-Ea; CID7533; C6-H13-N-O3-S; c0486; >>.(1/4) masculine degrees +/->>CEa; Cyclamate, Calcium (2:1) Salt, Dihydrate; B1921; A12756; D003494; N-Cyclohexylsulfamic acid; 139-05-9; 295-37-4; CYCLAMATE; Hexamic acid; Sucaryl; Cyclamate Calcium (2:1) Salt; Sucaryl acid; Cyclohexylaminesulphonic acid; Sulfamic acid, cyclohexyl-; Polycat 200; N-Cyclohexylsulphamic acid; Cyclohexylamidosulfuric acid; Cyclohexylaminesulfonic acid; Cylamic acid; Cyclohexylsulphamic acid; Cyclohexanesulphamic acid; Cyclamate, Calcium; Zyklamat; Cyclohexylamidosulphuric acid; Cyclohexylamide sulfate; Sulfamic acid, N-cyclohexyl-; Cyclohexylsulfamate; Cyclohexylamine sulfamic acid; NSC 220327; Cyclamic acid; Cyclamic acid [USAN:BAN]; UNII-HN3OFO5036; Cyclamate, Calcium (2:1) Salt, Dihydrate; Hexamic acid (TN); HSDB 275; EINECS 202-898-1; Sulfuric acid monoamide, N-cyclohexyl-; BRN 2208885; Cyclamate, sodium salt; HN3OFO5036; CHEBI:15964; cyclohexanesulfamic; HCAJEUSONLESMK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Cyclamate, Potassium; Asugryn; NSC220327; NCGC00165999-01; DSSTox_CID_21809; DSSTox_RID_79849; DSSTox_GSID_41809; Cyclamates; Cyclamsaeure; Cyclamate, Calcium; CAS-100-88-9; Cyclamate, Sodium; Cyclamate, Potassium; N-Cyclohexylsulfamsaeure; E952; Cyclamicacid; cyclamic-acid; N-(Cyclohexyl)aminosulfonsaeure; Sucaryl acidxine; Cyclamate Calcium (2:1) Salt; Cyclohexylamide sulphate; Cyclamic acid (USAN); Cyclamate, Sodium Salt; cyclohexyl-sulfamic acid; n-cyclohexyl-sulfamic acid; aminocyclohexylsulfonic acid; bmse000657; N-cyclo-hexylsulphamic acid; AC1L1OZ7; SCHEMBL6227; Cyclamic acid, BAN, USAN; 4-12-00-00102 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); C6H13NSO3; Cyclamates; ACMC-2097t2; Cyclohexylamine-N-sulfonic acid; CHEMBL1206440; DTXSID5041809; HMS3264K03; HMS3652C17; Pharmakon1600-01301015; HY-B0541; KS-00000X6Q; ZINC1529532; Cyclamic Acid; N-Cyclohexyl-Sulfuric acid monoamide; Tox21_112285; Tox21_301008; 7545AF; ANW-14388; MFCD00065234; NSC760133; s4015; STL356798; AKOS015913947;

Keywords: 100-88-9,MFCD00065234,1P0000OG,Sulfamic acid, N-cyclohexyl-,C6H13NO3S

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