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Acetic acid, 2-(2-pyridinylthio)-




Molecular Formula:C7H7NO2S

Molecular Weight:169.2010

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 10002-29-6; (Pyridin-2-ylsulfanyl)-acetic acid; BAS 00665619; SMR000009363; AC1LCR2C; Maybridge1_001471; SCHEMBL437152; cid_654661; 2-(2-pyridinylthio)acetic acid; CHEMBL1574193; (2-pyridinylsulfanyl)acetic acid; BDBM48529; (pyridin-2-ylthio)acetic acid; CTK0G9160; HMS545K19; KS-00003KJP; ZINC90808; DTXSID30349595; Acetic acid, (2-pyridinylthio)-; IGJFLPNTKLFHMW-UHFFFAOYSA-N; HMS2280P24; 2-pyridin-2-ylsulfanylethanoic acid; ALBB-000234; 2-(Pyridin-2-ylthio)acetic acid; 2-(pyridin-2-ylsulfanyl)acetic acid; 7051AC; MFCD00276114; SBB010505; STK353625; AKOS000140677; AM90397; FS-1892; MCULE-3224679092; AJ-10849; (pyridin-2-ylsulfanyl)acetic acid; (2-Pyridinylsulfanyl)acetic acid AldrichCPR; AB0152808; ST2401796; TR-033736; BB 0240440; FT-0676627; ST45115441; (2-Pyridinylsulfanyl)acetic acid, AldrichCPR; W-6773; AE-641/00692009; 2-pyridin-2-ylsulfanylacetic acid; I04-5436; C7H7NO2S; CID654661; N/A; 2-(2-pyridylthio)acetic acid; MLS000032562; (2-pyridylthio)acetic acid; Acetic acid, 2-(2-pyridinylthio)-;

Keywords: 10002-29-6,MFCD00276114,1P0000S4,Acetic acid, 2-(2-pyridinylthio)-,C7H7NO2S

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1P0000S4 95% 100mg $204.00 $153.00 3-4 weeks ADD TO CART BUY NOW
1P0000S4 95% 250mg $255.00 $191.00 3-4 weeks ADD TO CART BUY NOW
1P0000S4 95% 500mg $357.00 $268.00 3-4 weeks ADD TO CART BUY NOW
1P0000S4 95% 1g $436.00 $327.00 3-4 weeks ADD TO CART BUY NOW

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