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1H-Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-3-carboxylic acid, 4-chloro-




Molecular Formula:C8H5ClN2O2

Molecular Weight:196.5905

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 4-CHLORO-1H-PYRROLO[2,3-B]PYRIDINE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID; 1000340-37-3; ZINC19046167; AKOS006313300; CC-2182; PB29740; RP25469; KS-0000039K; AJ-70787; AS-33553; QC-10241; AB0098039; 4-Chloro-7-azaindole-3-carboxylic acid; DB-058218; ST1090512; TC-143480; CS-0050946; FT-0646828; Q-2186; 4-Chloro-7-azaindole-3-carboxylic acid, AldrichCPR; J-514888; (4-Chloro-1H-pyrrolo2,3-bpyridin-3-yl)-acetic acid; 1H-Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-3-carboxylicacid, 4-chloro-; SCHEMBL17818839; 2-(4-CHLORO-1H-PYRROLO[2,3-B]PYRIDIN-3-YL)ACETIC ACID; CTK0G9203; DTXSID40646885; CFASASVVIOZGNK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 1H-PYRROLO[2,3-B]PYRIDINE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID, 4-CHLORO-; ANW-54735; MFCD09880128;

Keywords: 1000340-37-3,MFCD09880128,1P0000UL,1H-Pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridine-3-carboxylic acid, 4-chloro-,C8H5ClN2O2

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