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Hexanoic acid, 2-(bromomethyl)-2-butyl-




Molecular Formula:C11H21BrO2

Molecular Weight:265.1872

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-(Bromomethyl)-2-butylhexanoic acid; 100048-86-0; 3120AH; MFCD18206921; RW3954; ZINC95080138; AKOS016014253; DS-6169; QC-3234; AC-30310; Hexanoic acid, 2-(bromomethyl)-2-butyl-; AJ-132034; 2-Bromomethyl-2-n-butyl hexanoic acid; AX8228371; C11H21BrO2; AK129290; 2-(bromomethyl)-2-butyl-hexanoic acid; SCHEMBL6843155; DTXSID30733314; BCP21154; CS-M0234; KS-00000PX7;

Keywords: 100048-86-0,MFCD18206921,1P000154,Hexanoic acid, 2-(bromomethyl)-2-butyl-,C11H21BrO2

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