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1H-Indazole, 7-bromo-1-methyl-




Molecular Formula:C8H7BrN2

Molecular Weight:211.0586

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 7-Bromo-1-methylindazole; 1000576-59-9; CTK3J8469; 1H-Indazole,7-bromo-1-methyl-; DTXSID90610718; BCP00005; KS-000003GU; ZX-AT003987; ANW-14147; MFCD09878570; ZINC21982170; AKOS005258589; 7-BROMO-1-METHYL-1H-INDAZOLE; INDAZOLE, 7-BROMO-1-METHYL-; CB-3478; DS-0616; FCH1327509; FS-2889; OR43560; PB34460; RP04753; RTC-062745; TRA0061442; 1H-INDAZOLE, 7-BROMO-1-METHYL-; VI20074; AJ-79024; AN-26030; BC004604; BR-27871; QC-11295; 7-Bromo-1-methyl-1H-indazole, AldrichCPR; AB0034331; AX8158846; ST1100707; AK-27871; TC-062745; 4CH-008098; AM20050473; FT-0645686; X8466; 7-BROMO-1-METHYL-1H-INDAZOLE[095H]; S-5930; 576B599; I10-1426; J-519110; W-204334; C8H7BrN2; 7-Bromo-1-methylbenzodiazole; A16141; 1233542-00-1; PubChem20892; ACMC-2097md; 7-bromo-1-methyl-indazole; SCHEMBL2383365;

Keywords: 1000576-59-9,MFCD09878570,1P00017O,1H-Indazole, 7-bromo-1-methyl-,C8H7BrN2

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