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1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C8H17N2NaO6S2

Molecular Weight:324.3502

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Synonyms: 10010-67-0; PIPES monosodium salt; MFCD00065472; Piperazine-1,4-bis(2-ethanesulfonic Acid) Monosodium Salt; monosodium PIPES; 1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid sodium salt; 1,4-piperazinediethanesulfonic acid monosodium salt; Piperazine-N,N'-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid) sodium salt; 4J0K2G9MCW; sodium 2-[4-(2-sulfoethyl)piperazin-1-yl]ethanesulfonate; sodium PIPES; EINECS 233-005-3; Sodium 2-(4-(2-sulfoethyl)piperazin-1-yl)ethanesulfonate; PIPES 1Na; AC1Q1VJJ; ACMC-1BP1H; KSC924O8N; SCHEMBL5447715; DTXSID9064893; CHEBI:63077; CTK8C4786; KS-00000XVJ; BIP1705; PIPES monosodium; ZX-AFC001663; ANW-73129; GB9761; AKOS015897895; AKOS015897955; AK106175; CC-33820; PIPES sodium salt, >=99% (titration); AX8148266; RT-004997; 1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, monosodium salt; FT-0636612; P0875; ST24049210; I13-0325; I13-0338; J-000045; PIPES sodium salt, Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 99%; Piperazine-N,N'-bis-(2-ethanesulphonic acid) monosodium salt; Vivakorfen; PIPES; PIPES sodium salt; C8H18N2O6S2.Na; C24H34N4O2.2ClH; KST-1A9524; CID82289; C8-H18-N2-O6-S2.Na; AR-1B7963; C24-H34-N4-O2.2Cl-H; 1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt; 100500-09-2; 2,2'-(4,7-Phenanthroline-3,8-diylbis(oxy))bis(N,N-diethylethanamine) dihydrochloride; 1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt (1:1); Ethanamine, 2,2'-(4,7-phenanthroline-3,8-diylbis(oxy))bis(N,N-diethyl-, dihydrochloride; Piperazine-1,4-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid) monosodium salt, 99% - 100G 100g; 5625-37-6; Piperazine-1,4-diethanesulfonate, sodium salt; UNII-4J0K2G9MCW; Sodium hydrogen piperazine-1,4-diethanesulphonate;

Keywords: 10010-67-0,MFCD00065472,1P0001ED,1,4-Piperazinediethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt (1:1),C8H17N2NaO6S2

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