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Boronic acid, B-4-dibenzofuranyl-




Molecular Formula:C12H9BO3

Molecular Weight:212.0091

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Dibenzofuran-4-boronic acid; 100124-06-9; AK-80044; dibenzo(b,d)furan-4-ylboronic acid; PubChem7935; AC1MC0VH; ACMC-2097mu; 4-dibenzofuran boronic acid; SCHEMBL8686; 4-dibenzofurane boronic acid; Dibenzofuran-4-ylboranic acid; KSC493Q8J; dibenzo[b,d]furan-4-ylboronic acid; dibenzofuran-4-yl-boronic acid; AMBA00041; Boronic acid,B-4-ibenzofuranyl-; CTK3J3884; DTXSID40370219; ZXHUJRZYLRVVNP-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Boronic acid, B-4-dibenzofuranyl-; AC1Q7141; ALBB-006105; BCP05441; 4-Dibenzofuranboronic acid; KS-00000AQ9; ZX-AT002871; ANW-14164; BBL104403; CD-388; dibenzo[b,d]furan-4-yl boronic acid; dibenzo[b,d]furan-4-yl-boronic acid; OR6444; QC-504; RB2049; 4-(Dibenzofuranyl)Boronic Acid; SBB003426; STK503708; AKOS000264866; ZINC169745003; AB03311; CS-W000850; D2420G1; LS40009; PS-9590; RP04801; dibenzofuran-4-ylboronic acid; RTC-068649; AN-34483; BC000883; BR-80044; CC-26471; DIBENZO[B,D]FURAN-4-BORONIC ACID; N877; SC-53763; SY014258; 4-(Dibenzofuranyl)boronic acid, >=95.0%; 4-Dibenzofuranboronicacid; AB0016103; AX8014417; DB-028851; ST2412791; TC-068649; 4CH-026732; AM20020064; D4567; FT-0624635; MFCD00092336 (97+%); 4-dibenzofuranylboronic acid; 124D069; C-11053; I14-8686; J-000048; J-520230; Boronic acid,B-4-ibenzofuranyl-;4-Dibenzofuranboronic acid; C12H9BO3; ACN-001778; ACN-036205; CID2734328; Boronic acid, 4-dibenzofuranyl-; A16149; C-1122; 4-(Dibenzofuranyl)boronic acid, 98%, contains varying amounts of anhydride - 1G 1g; MFCD00092336;

Keywords: 100124-06-9,MFCD00092336,1P0001HH,Boronic acid, B-4-dibenzofuranyl-,C12H9BO3

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