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Boronic acid, B-4-phenoxathiinyl-




Molecular Formula:C12H9BO3S

Molecular Weight:244.0741

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Phenoxathiin-4-boronic acid; 100124-07-0; C12H9BO3S; SCHEMBL2762793; CTK3J8566; 4-PHENOXATHIINBORONIC ACID; DTXSID10370266; IIENVBUXFRSCLM-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4-PHENOXATHIINEBORONIC ACID; ZX-AT010783; ZX-CM001743; ANW-74021; Phenoxathiin-4-ylboronic Acid; MFCD01605731; OR5866; SBB099788; AKOS004113765; ZINC169794930; AB09295; RP05955; RTR-000042; AK-89064; AN-34484; 4-PHENOXATHIINYLBORONIC ACID; AS-30500; CC-33636; N977; AX8014418; TR-000042; FT-0642416; C-1345; 124P070; C-14762; I04-4410; Boronic acid, B-4-phenoxathiinyl-; J-000049; J-515922; CID2734376; 4-ethoxy-3-(hydroxymethyl)benzaldehyde hydrate; A16150; Boronic acid,B-4-phenoxathiinyl-; Phenoxathiin-4-boronicacid; ACMC-20ahtj; PubChem8089; AC1MC0ZU;

Keywords: 100124-07-0,MFCD01605731,1P0001HG,Boronic acid, B-4-phenoxathiinyl-,C12H9BO3S

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