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Decanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C10H19NaO2

Molecular Weight:194.2464

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: capric acid; decanoic acid; Sodium caprinate; Sodium-n-decanoate; Sodium decanoic acid; Capric acid sodium salt; Capric acid, sodium salt; Caprinic acid sodium salt; Decanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1); UNII-4I820XKV2A; EINECS 213-688-4; n-Capric acid sodium salt; decanoic acid, sodium salt; 4I820XKV2A; MFCD00066453; SodiumDecanoate; C10H19O2.Na; potassium decoate; sodiumdecanoicacid; sodium n-decanoate; caprinicacidsodiumsalt; AC1NAURY; ACMC-2097ny; sodium caprate; n-decanoic acid sodium salt; SCHEMBL29096; DTXSID0027351; CTK8A8969; FIWQZURFGYXCEO-UHFFFAOYSA-M; KS-000015YC; ANW-14204; AKOS015839877; MCULE-2720595773; RTR-000096; sodium decanoate; AK130453; AN-19640; LS-59381; SY104388; TR-000096; D0024; ST51037184; MFCD00066453 (97%); J-000080; UNII-6H91L1NXTW component FIWQZURFGYXCEO-UHFFFAOYSA-M; Sodium decanoate; UNII-R1TQH25F4I component FIWQZURFGYXCEO-UHFFFAOYSA-M; CAPRICACIDSODIUMSALT; C10-H20-O2.Na; CID13846; CID4457968; Decanoic acid, sodium salt (Capric acid, sodium salt); Sodium caprate; 1002-62-6; Decanoic acid, sodium salt; Decanoic acid sodium salt;

Keywords: 1002-62-6,MFCD00066453,1P0001OW,Decanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1),C10H19NaO2

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