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Octadecanoic acid, cobalt(2+) salt (2:1)




Molecular Formula:C36H70CoO4

Molecular Weight:625.8718

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Cobalt(II) stearate; 1002-88-6; MFCD00054343; 13586-84-0; Cobalt(II)Stearate; EINECS 213-694-7; Stearic acid cobalt salt; cobalt(2+); octadecanoate; SCHEMBL37334; ACMC-2097o5; AC1O52V5; Jsp000084; Cobalt stearate; DTXSID4029729; CTK3J8735; ANW-14211; AKOS015839872; RTR-000104; KS-000015S2; Octadecanoic acid,cobalt(2+) salt (2:1); TR-000104; Octadecanoic acid, cobalt(2+) salt (2:1); S0393; Stearic Acid Cobalt(II) Salt; UNII-N12XQW4I3Y component AMFIJXSMYBKJQV-UHFFFAOYSA-L; Stearic acid, cobalt salt; Cobalt(II) stearate 50g; UNII-N12XQW4I3Y; C18H36O2.xCo; Cobalt stearate, unspecified; C18-H36-O2.x-Co; C18H36O2.1/2Co; Octadecanoic acid, cobalt(2) salt; EINECS 237-016-4; UNII-000J930IO1; Octadecanoic acid, cobalt(2+) salt; C18-H36-O2.1/2Co; CID6451168; Octadecanoic acid, cobalt salt (1:?); EC 237-016-4; Cobalt(II) stearate, 9 - 10% Co - 100G 100g; Octadecanoic acid, cobalt salt; 000J930IO1; Cobalt distearate; Cobaltous stearate; cobalt(2+) dioctadecanoate;

Keywords: 1002-88-6,MFCD00054343,1P0001OL,Octadecanoic acid, cobalt(2+) salt (2:1),C36H70CoO4

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