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Perchloric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6)




Molecular Formula:Cl2H12O14Zn

Molecular Weight:372.3729

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: zinc(II) perchlorate hexahydrate; Zinc perchlorate hexahydrate; ZINCPERCHLORATEHEXAHYDRATE; zinc(II) perchlorate hexahydrate; CTK3J1083; DTXSID40143066; KS-00000VY2; 5168AF; AKOS015855237; RTR-000072; TRA-0176245; LS-102380; 10025-64-6; TR-000072; Zinc perchlorate hexahydrate, Reagent Grade; FT-0697147; Perchloric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6); zinc, ion (zn2+) hexahydrate diperchlorate ion; J-000073; Zinc perchlorate; Cl2O8.Zn.6H2O; Cl2-O8.Zn.6H2-O; CID202253; Perchloric acid, zinc salt, hexahydrate; Zinc perchlorate hexahydrate, 99.995% trace metals basis 10g; MFCD00150370; Zinc perchlorate,hydrated; 2ClO4.Zn.6H2O; zinc diperchlorate hexahydrate; ZINC PERCHLORATE 6H2O; AC1L485M;

Keywords: 10025-64-6,MFCD09039154,1P0001UK,Perchloric acid, zinc salt, hydrate (2:1:6),Cl2H12O14Zn

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