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Silane, tetrachloro-




Molecular Formula:Cl4Si

Molecular Weight:169.8975

UN Number:1818

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: silicon tetrachloride; tetrachlorosilane; Chlorid kremicity; Silicio(tetracloruro di); Siliciumtetrachlorid; Silicon chloride (SiCl4); Siliciumtetrachloride; Siliciumtetrachlorid [German]; Tetrachlorure de silicium; Chlorid kremicity [Czech]; Silicium(tetrachlorure de); Siliciumtetrachloride [Dutch]; Tetrachlorosilane; SiCl4; UNII-96L75U0BM3; CCRIS 1324; HSDB 683; Tetrachlorure de silicium [French]; Silicium(tetrachlorure de) [French]; EINECS 233-054-0; UN1818; FDNAPBUWERUEDA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 96L75U0BM3; SILICON TETRACHLORIDE; MFCD00011229; Silicon(IV) chloride, 99.8+%; silicon (iv) chloride; ACMC-1BU0K; SIC-L(TM); EC 233-054-0; AC1L2NP1; Silicon tetrachloride, 99%; Silicon tetrachloride solution; KSC156K5R; 10026-04-7; AC1Q230R; DTXSID0029711; CTK0F6558; KS-00000WTX; ANW-14203; AKOS015902307; ZINC242473244; MCULE-4644987033; Silicon(IV)chloride, fiber optic grade; TRA0031070; Silicon chloride; UN 1818; s15300; AN-20974; SC-65379; LS-145329; RT-000234; ST24048890; Silicon tetrachloride [UN1818] [Corrosive]; S15310; Silicon tetrachloride [UN1818] [Corrosive]; Perchlorosilane; J-512971; Silicon tetrachloride, 99.998% trace metals basis; I14-13296; Silicon tetrachloride solution, 1.0 M in methylene chloride; Silicon(IV) chloride, fiber optic grade (99.9999%-Si); Silicon tetrachloride, packaged for use in deposition systems; Silicon(IV) chloride, 1M solution in methylene chloride, AcroSeal(R); 12673-76-6; Extrema; Ttrachlorosilane; Silane, tetrachloro-; 3-Nitrobenzonitrile; Cl4Si; Silano, tetracloro-; Cl4-Si; STC (CHRIS Code); CID24816; NA1818; Tetrachlorosilane; (Silicon chloride); T0636; Silicon(IV) chloride, 99% trace metals basis 10ml; Tetrachlorosilicon; Silicon tetrachloride, 1.0 M in methylene chloride, J; STC; Silicon(IV) chloride;

Keywords: 10026-04-7,MFCD00011229,1P0001VV,Silane, tetrachloro-,Cl4Si

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