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Tellurium chloride (TeCl4), (T-4)-




Molecular Formula:Cl4H2Te

Molecular Weight:271.4279

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: tellurium chloride; tellurium tetrachloride; Tellurium chloride, (T-4)-; tellurium (iv) chloride; EINECS 233-055-6; DNY2R5498H; Tellurium(IV) chloride, 99%; Cl4Te; telluricchloride; TeCl4; MFCD00011262; tellurium(+4)chloride; Tellurium tetrachloride; (t-4)-telluriumchlorid; tetrachloro-|E4-tellane; AC1L1V8Q; AC1Q3FT6; ACMC-1BS60; Tellurium tetrachloride, 99%; DTXSID1064904; CTK3J1195; (beta-4)-telluriumchloride(tecl4; SWLJJEFSPJCUBD-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Telluric chloride; 8391AF; AKOS024256092; TRA0028342; LS-148680; Tellur(IV)-chlorid; Cl4-Te; Ttrachlorure de tellure; Tellurium chloride (TeCl4); CID61443; Tellurium(IV) chloride, 99.9% trace metals basis 25g; 10026-07-0; TELLURIUM CHLORIDE; Tellurium(IV) chloride; Tetrachlorotellurium; Tellurium chloride (TeCl4), (T-4)-; UNII-DNY2R5498H;

Keywords: 10026-07-0,MFCD00011262,1P0001VT,Tellurium chloride (TeCl4), (T-4)-,Cl4H2Te

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