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Cobalt fluoride (CoF2)




Molecular Formula:CoF2

Molecular Weight:96.9300

UN Number:1759

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: cobalt difluoride; Cobalt(II) fluoride; MFCD00010941; Difluorocobalt; cobalt fluoride pink; AC1Q4HIF; AC1L2NP5; Cobalt(II) fluoride, powder; Cobalt(II) fluoride, anhydrous; Cobalt(II) fluoride, ultra dry; DTXSID6064907; YCYBZKSMUPTWEE-UHFFFAOYSA-L; cobalt fluoride; 8481AF; AKOS015911948; LS-54579; FT-0624010; I14-37904; I14-52934; cobalt (ii) fluoride; cobalt(2+) difluoride; COF2; UNII-9KI67810UR; 10026-17-2; Cobalt (II) fluoride anhydrous; 9KI67810UR; CID24820; Cobalt(II) fluoride, 99% - 25G 25g; Cobalt(II) fluoride, anhydrous, 98% 25g; Cobalt difluoride; COBALTOUS FLUORIDE; Cobalt fluoride (CoF2); HSDB 236; EINECS 233-061-9; Cobalt(II) fluoride, 99%;

Keywords: 10026-17-2,MFCD00010941,1P0001VP,Cobalt fluoride (CoF2),CoF2

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