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Nitric acid, cobalt(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:6)




Molecular Formula:CoH12N2O12

Molecular Weight:291.0347

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: cobalt nitrate; cobaltous nitrate; Cobalt nitrate hexahydrate; Cobaltous nitrate hexahydrate; Cobalt dinitrate hexahydrate; Cobalt(2+) nitrate hexahydrate; Cobalt (II) Nitrate Hexahydrate; UNII-2H2166872F; MFCD00149647; NITRIC ACID, COBALT(2+) SALT, HEXAHYDRATE; Cobaltous Nitrate, Hexahydrate; Kobalt (II)-nitrat-hexahydrat; cobaltous nitrate dihydrate; 2H2166872F; Nitric acid, cobalt (2+) salt, hexahydrate; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate, 99%, pure; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate, 98+%, ACS reagent; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate, 99+%, for analysis; Dinitrate cobalt hexahydrate; IoEaNCiU; Cobalt(2+), hexaaqua-, dinitrate; Cobaltousnitratehexahydrate; AC1L2NP6; cobaltous nitrate dodecahydrate; cobaltous nitrate 6-hydrate; Co.2NO3.6H2O; Nitric acid, cobalt(II) salt; Co(NO3)2.6H2O; IoEaNCiU AuE(R) masculineIIi; COBALT(II) NITRATE, ACS; DTXSID3073135; CHEBI:86214; CTK5I1631; cobalt(2+) dinitrate hexahydrate; cobaltous nitrate hexahydrate; QGUAJWGNOXCYJF-UHFFFAOYSA-N; cobalt(2+) hexahydrate dinitronate; KS-00000V4K; 8444AF; cobalt(2+) nitrate--water (1/6); AKOS025243254; 23730-86-1; LS-96715; RT-001749; FT-0624006; cobaltous nitrate nonahydrate; Nitric acid, cobalt(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:6); J-000079; Cobalt, plasma standard solution, Specpure, Co 10g/ml; Cobalt (II) nitrate hexahydrate (99.999%-Co) PURATREM; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate (99.999%-Co) PURATREM; Cobalt, AAS standard solution, Specpure(R), Co 1000microg/ml; Cobalt, plasma standard solution, Specpure(R), Co 10,000microg/ml; Cobalt, plasma standard solution, Specpure(R), Co 1000microg/ml; Cobalt (II) nitrate; Kobaltdinitrat-Hexahydrat; cobaltous nitrate tetrahydrate; Nitrate cobalteux hexahydrat; Kobalt(II)nitrat-Hexahydrat; CoN2O6.6H2O; Co-N2-O6.6H2-O; CID24821; MFCD00010935; Nitric acid, cobalt(2) salt, hexahydrate; |E2-cobalt(2+) ion hexahydrate dinitrate; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate, 97% 250g; Cobalt (II) Nitrate (Hexahydrate) 97% extra pure 100gm; cobaltous nitrate trihydrate; Cobalt nitrate hexahydrate; (Cobaltous nitrate hexahydrate); Cobalt nitrate hexahydrate, 98%, ACS reagent - 100G 100g; Cobalt(II) nitrate hexahydrate; 10026-22-9;

Keywords: 10026-22-9,MFCD00149647,1P0001VN,Nitric acid, cobalt(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:6),CoH12N2O12

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