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Octanedioyl dichloride




Molecular Formula:C8H12Cl2O2

Molecular Weight:211.0857

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Suberoyl chloride; Octanedioyl dichloride; ACMC-1BONZ; Octanedioyl dichloride #; AC1LBF8M; AC1Q3GAL; Suberoyl chloride, 97%; Octanedioic acid dichloride; SCHEMBL688761; CTK0H6725; DTXSID10143078; ANW-14207; 10027-07-3; ZINC86022428; AKOS028108680; AN-20976; RT-001129; FT-0636615; S0420; C-10950; C8H12Cl2O2; C8-H12-Cl2-O2; AR-1K8959; Suberoyl dichloride; CID534653; 66894-61-9; Suberic acid dichloride; MFCD00000764; PUIBKAHUQOOLSW-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Suberyl chloride; Suberyl dichloride; octanedioyl chloride;

Keywords: 10027-07-3,MFCD00000764,1P0001WK,Octanedioyl dichloride,C8H12Cl2O2

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