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Sulfuric acid, iron(3+) salt (3:2)




Molecular Formula:Fe2O12S3

Molecular Weight:399.8778

UN Number:3077

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: ferric sulfate; ferric sulfate heptahydrate; FERRIC SULFATE; Iron(III) sulfate; 10028-22-5; Iron persulfate; Iron tersulfate; Diiron tris(sulphate); Diiron trisulfate; Ferric persulfate; Ferric tersulfate; Iron sesquisulfate; ferric sulfate hexahydrate; Ferric sesquisulfate; Iron(3+) sulfate; Coquimbite mineral; Sulfuric acid, iron(3+) salt (3:2); Iron sulfate (2:3); UNII-4YKQ1X5E5Y; Iron[III] sulfate; Iron sulfate (Fe2(SO4)3); CCRIS 7885; Iron(3+) sulfate, (2:3); ferric sulfate hydrate; HSDB 6311; EINECS 233-072-9; MFCD00011007; 4YKQ1X5E5Y; Ferricsulfate; Sulfuric acid, iron(3+) salt; Iron-S-hydrate; diferric trisulfate; iron(III)sulphate; iron(3+) trisulfate; ferric sulfate monohydrate; Ferric sulfate (USP); diferric iron trisulfate; Sulfuric acid,iron salt; AC1L2NPB; iron(III) sulfate(VI); Diiron trissulfate hydrate; Polyferric sulfate(SPFS); Diiron trissulphate hydrate; AoEaIu E(R) masculineIIi; diiron(3+) ion trisulfate; ferric sulfate nonahydrate; EC 233-072-9; Iron (lll) sulfate hydrate; Iron(III) sulphate hydrate; FERRIC SULFATE--N/H; 2Fe.3SO4; DTXSID5029712; CHEBI:53438; CTK8G4069; RUTXIHLAWFEWGM-UHFFFAOYSA-H; Iron(III) sulfate, Puratronic(R); ferric sulfate tetrahydrate; 5184AF; FERRIC SULFATE HYDRATE 500GM; AKOS015903761; RL00024; KS-00000X15; AN-20977; LS-84278; RT-000112; FT-0627289; D08922; ferric sulfate trihydrate; I14-17596; Sulfate ferrique; iron (III) sulfate; Ferric sulfate hydrate; Ferric sulphate hydrate; FSF (CHRIS Code); Iron(III) sulfate hydrate; Fe.3/2H2O4S; Fe.3/2H2-O4-S; CID24826; ferric sulfate, basic; MFCD00149714; NA1760; NA9121; UN1760; Sulfuric acid, iron(3++) salt (3:2); Ferric sulfate; (Iron(III) sulfate); Sulfuric acid iron(3+) salt (3:2); Sulfuric acid, iron(3) salt (3:2); Iron (III) sulphate (1 - 10%) in sulphuric acid (25-51%); 15244-10-7; polyferric sulfate;

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