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Thiophene, 2-bromo-




Molecular Formula:C4H3BrS

Molecular Weight:163.0356

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Synonyms: 2-BROMOTHIOPHENE; 1003-09-4; TUCRZHGAIRVWTI-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Thienyl bromide; 5-bromothiophene; NSC4456; 5-bromo-thiophene; 2-bromanylthiophene; NSC 4456; EINECS 213-699-4; sFpDAbHHRYSZZP@; PubChem5313; 2-Thienyl bromide; ACMC-2097on; ALPHA-THIENYL BROMIDE; SCHEMBL22395; KSC180K0P; BIDD:GT0231; AC1L22M8; AC1Q256F; Jsp000089; DTXSID4061389; CTK0I0507; Thiophene, 2-bromo-; ABLOCK AB-12-3942; BCP21550; NSC-4456; ZINC1673392; AC-194; ANW-14229; SBB003931; AKOS000121588; CS-W020109; DS-1962; Thiophene, bromo-; LS20644; MCULE-1364150691; PS-5772; RP02282; RTC-060261; TRA0047779; 60326-18-3; AJ-29319; AK-76677; AN-16059; Bromothiophene; BC002937; BC676814; BC677960; CJ-06163; CJ-27259; SC-00017; DB-020745; ST2409763; TC-060261; TL8000043; 2-bromo-thiophene; B0941; FT-0611618; FT-0611619; FT-0689817; ST50406225; H23029; M-4597; A800095; I09-0023; Q-200247; 2-bromo thiophene; InChI=1/C4H3BrS/c5-4-2-1-3-6-4/h1-3; F0001-0036; C4H3BrS; C4-H3-Br-S; 2-Bromothiophene, 98% 50g; CID13851; ACN-040461; 2-Bromothiophene, 99% - 250ML 250ml; 2-Bromothiophene, 98%; MFCD00005417;

Keywords: 1003-09-4,MFCD00005417,1P0001YI,Thiophene, 2-bromo-,C4H3BrS

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