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Molecular Formula:C5H3NS

Molecular Weight:109.1490

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 2-Thiophenecarbonitrile; 1003-31-2; 2-thenonitrile; 2-thiophenenitrile; 2-cyano-thiophene; EINECS 213-706-0; 2-thiophencarbonitrile; PubChem5215; thiopene-2-carbonitrile; ACMC-1CABF; AC1L24LH; SCHEMBL12605; Thiophene-2-carbonitrile; KSC174Q9L; BIDD:GT0001; 2-Thiophenecarbonitrile, 99%; Jsp000094; CHEMBL2229531; CTK0H4895; CUPOOAWTRIURFT-UHFFFAOYSA-; DTXSID10143114; HMS1788B13; ZINC388338; 2-Cyanothiophene; ACT02279; KS-00000E4R; ANW-14241; SBB055745; STL299669; AKOS000121546; CS-W004699; MCULE-7011229152; PS-9266; RTC-040321; 2-Thiophene carbonitrile; TRA0005901; AJ-20565; AK-46367; AN-48248; BC205596; BR-46367; CJ-03214; SC-00020; ZB011449; AB0034349; 2-Thenylcyanide; ST2410211; TC-040321; AM20070640; FT-0083384; FT-0633227; T2121; X8490; M-5070; A800100; I09-0098; Thiophenecarbonitrile; W-108967; Z56946090; F1967-1444; InChI=1/C5H3NS/c6-4-5-2-1-3-7-5/h1-3H; 2-thiophene acetonitrile; C5H3NS; C5-H3-N-S; CID66087; ZINC00388338; ACN-037745; MFCD00005416; C2710; 2-Thiophenecarbonitrile, 97% - 100G 100g; CUPOOAWTRIURFT-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 2-Thiophenecarbonitrile, 97%;

Keywords: 1003-31-2,MFCD00005416,1P0001Y6,2-Thiophenecarbonitrile,C5H3NS

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