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1H-Imidazole, 4,5-dibromo-1-methyl-




Molecular Formula:C4H4Br2N2

Molecular Weight:239.8960

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 4,5-Dibromo-1-methyl-1H-imidazole; 1003-50-5; DTXSID10378409; ZINC2571267; ZX-AT009966; 1-Methyl-4,5-dibromo-1H-imidazole; ANW-14245; MFCD00955568; 1H-Imidazole,4,5-dibromo-1-methyl-; AKOS015835013; 4,5-bis(bromanyl)-1-methyl-imidazole; AB07724; 4,5-dibromo-1-methylimidazole; CS-W000123; FCH1322073; OR10436; VI10130; 1H-Imidazole, 4,5-dibromo-1-methyl-; AJ-41884; AM802818; AN-48250; BC003263; CC-17262; PubChem7600; CJ-09907; SY041697; 4,5-Dibromo-1-methyl-1H-imidazole, 95%; AX8002216; ST2405239; TR-000136; FT-0633229; Z6257; MFCD00955568 (95%); A-4050; AC1MCMU8; 003D505; A800103; C-14331; I14-4453; J-000113; C4H4Br2N2; ZINC02571267; CID2773362; ACMC-1C7KV; SCHEMBL10714729; 4,5-dibromo-1-methyl-imidazole; CTK3J8829; KS-00001APU;

Keywords: 1003-50-5,MFCD00955568,1P0001Z6,1H-Imidazole, 4,5-dibromo-1-methyl-,C4H4Br2N2

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