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Nitric acid, copper(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:3)




Molecular Formula:CuH6N2O9

Molecular Weight:241.6016

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Copper(II) nitrate trihydrate; 10031-43-3; copper(II)nitrate trihydrate; Copper (II) Nitrate Hydrate; Copper( cento) nitrate hydrate; DTXSID0051445; CTK3J8778; KS-00000YNT; copper(2+) trihydrate dinitronate; s226; SXTLQDJHRPXDSB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD02253001; Copper nitrate trihydrate; AKOS015903801; TRA0021219; Nitric acid, copper(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:3); I14-17600; Gerhardite; Copper dinitrate trihydrate; CUPRIC NITRATE; Kupferdinitrat 3-Hydrat; Kupferdinitrat-3-Hydrat; Nitrate cuivrique trihydrat; Cupric nitrate trihydrate; Copper(2+) nitrate trihydrate; N2O6.Cu.3H2O; N2-O6.Cu.3H2-O; Copper(II) nitrate hemi(pentahydrate); Nitric acid, copper(2+) salt, trihydrate; CID9837674; Nitric acid, copper(2) salt, trihydrate; COPPER(II) NITRATE, TRIHYDRATE (1:2:3); Cupric Nitrate (Trihydrate) 95% extra pure 250gm; Copper(II) nitrate trihydrate, 99%, for analysis - 100G 100g; Copper (II) Nitrate Trihydrate; 19004-19-4; UNII-066PG1506T; MFCD00149671; 066PG1506T; Copper(II) nitrate trihydrate, 99%, pure; Copper(II) nitrate trihydrate, 99%, for analysis;

Keywords: 10031-43-3,MFCD00149669,1P00021Z,Nitric acid, copper(2+) salt, hydrate (2:1:3),CuH6N2O9

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