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Phenol, 4-amino-2-chloro-3-fluoro-




Molecular Formula:C6H5ClFNO

Molecular Weight:161.5614

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-amino-2-chloro-3-fluorophenol; 1003710-18-6; DTXSID00630604; FEIRBFCWDDTCEQ-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4-amino-2-chloro-3-fluoro-phenol; KS-000009DF; 0179AA; ANW-44456; FCH880050; MFCD09996949; ZINC19615464; AKOS005063867; Phenol, 4-Amino-2-Chloro-3-Fluoro-; AM85439; CS-W003717; EBD2140260; LS10192; TRA0035443; AJ-73986; AN-26045; CJ-16198; DS-11860; SC-86233; Phenol,4-amino-2-chloro-3-fluoro-; SY026866; AB0062095; AB1004772; AX8159869; DB-058379; TC-133201; 4CH-008480; FT-0653856; ST24028869; S-7951; AK-32625; MFCD09996949 (95+%); 710A186; I01-5770; null; C6H5ClFNO; ACN-001685; A16190; 39879-60-2; PubChem9616; KSC914E3P; AMBZ0118; SCHEMBL4847774; CTK8B4237;

Keywords: 1003710-18-6,MFCD09996949,1P00028F,Phenol, 4-amino-2-chloro-3-fluoro-,C6H5ClFNO

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