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1-Naphthalenepropanoic acid, β-amino-




Molecular Formula:C13H13NO2

Molecular Weight:215.2478

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 100393-41-7; 3-amino-3-(1-naphthyl)propanoic acid; aminonaphthylpropanoicacid; AC1MC9YP; ACMC-1BLA7; SCHEMBL1520324; CTK3J8899; DTXSID80377489; BB_SC-06342; ZX-CM014648; 7154AC; BBL012153; 3-amino-3-(naphthalen-1-yl)propanoic acid; MFCD00269725; SBB095117; STK731591; AKOS000182210; AKOS016045551; AB05537; MCULE-2918741223; RP12464; RTR-000156; 3-amino-3-(1-naph-thyl)propanoic acid; 3-Amino-3-naphthalen-1-yl-propionic acid; KS-000021N0; 1-Naphthalenepropanoic acid, beta-amino-; OR307575; SC-12426; DB-058426; TR-000156; BB 0249714; FT-0680744; ST50210541; W-6766; 1-Naphthalenepropanoicacid, b-amino-; 9R-0635; I04-5539; J-511581; C13H13NO2; CID2764540; (R)-3-Amino-3-(naphthalen-1-yl)propanoic acid; (S)-3-Amino-3-(naphthalen-1-yl)propanoic acid; 775280-91-6; 275826-46-5; 3-amino-3-naphthalen-1-ylpropanoic acid; 3-amino-3-naphthylpropanoic acid; CBDivE_003465; (3R)-3-amino-3-naphthalen-1-ylpropanoic acid; (3S)-3-amino-3-naphthalen-1-ylpropanoic acid;

Keywords: 100393-41-7,MFCD00269725,1P0002BW,1-Naphthalenepropanoic acid, β-amino-,C13H13NO2

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