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Calcium chloride (CaCl2)




Molecular Formula:CaCl2

Molecular Weight:110.9840

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Synonyms: Calcium Chloride; Calcium Chloride Dihydrate; Caloride; EINECS 233-140-8; Calcium chloride, anhydrous, 93% 1kg; CID5284359; AI3-02239; EC 233-140-8; Calcium Chloride (Fused ) 95% extra pure 500gm; D002122; Calcium chloride, 96%, anhydrous, ACS reagent - 100G 100g; Calcium chloride (1 - 3.5 mol/l; 2 - 7 N) in aqueous solution; 14639-81-7; Liquical; 816-66-0; Calcium chloride pellets; Isocal; Jarcal; Unichem calchlor; calcium chloride,anhydrous; Sure-step; Huppert's reagent; Homberg's phosphorus; Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous; CHEBI:3312; E509; Calcium chloride, ACS reagent, desiccant; Calcium chloride, 96%, for analysis, granules; Calcium chloride, 96%, for biochemistry, anhydrous; Calcium chloride, 96%, extra pure, powder, anhydrous; Chloro calcium; Calcium-chloride; Chip calcium chloride; Calcium chloride fused; CALCIUM CHLORIDE; Liquid calcium chloride; calcium(2+) dichloride; [CaCl2]; DSSTox_CID_235; Calcium chloride, Prilled; AC1L2NQ1; AC1NR4B7; ACMC-1C93I; DSSTox_RID_75450; DSSTox_GSID_20235; 10043-52-4; CALCIUM CHLORIDE, ACS; KSC925O1H; Calcium Chloride Dihydrate BP; CHEMBL1200668; DTXSID5020235; CTK8C5713; s230; UXVMQQNJUSDDNG-UHFFFAOYSA-L; KS-00000XE0; Tox21_202585; Calcium dichloride; AKOS024437435; DB01164; RP18996; TRA-0207209; NCGC00260134-01; SC-65216; Calcium chloride,Calcium chloride dihydrate; CAS-10043-52-4; RT-000444; CALCIUM CHLORIDE ANHYD ACS GRADE 1KG; Calcium chloride anhydrous; FT-0623384; C08130; Anhydrous Calcium Chloride 94-97% Mini-Pellets; Dowflake; Liquidow; Calplus; Peladow; Snomelt; Caltac; Calcosan; CaCl2; Bovikalc; Daraccel; Stopit; Superflake anhydrous; Uramine MC; Calol; Calzina oral; Calmate R; Intergravin-orales; Chrysoxel C 4; Calciumchloride; Chlorure de calcium; U-Ramin MC; Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous; Calcium(2+); Calcium chloride (CaCl2); Calcium chloride solution; Ca-Cl2; Calcium chloride (ACN; Calcium chloride dihydrate; Calcium(2+) chloride; Calcium(II) chloride; CLC (CHRIS Code); 4-methyl-2-oxopentanoate; Anhydrous calcium chloride; UNII-OFM21057LP; HSDB 923; Cloruro de calcio (CaCl2); MFCD00010903; CCRIS 1334; OFM21057LP; CALCIUM CHLORIDE, DIHYDRATE;

Keywords: 10043-52-4,MFCD00149616,1P0002FQ,Calcium chloride (CaCl2),CaCl2

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