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Hexanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C6H11NaO2

Molecular Weight:138.1401

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Bi(OHex)3; bismuth(III)hexanoate; hexanoic acid, barium salt; hexanoic acid, calcium salt; hexanoic acid, copper (2+) salt; hexanoic acid, manganese (2+) salt; hexanoic acid, nickel (2+) salt; hexanoic acid, potassium salt; hexanoic acid, rhodium (2+) salt; hexanoic acid, sodium salt; hexanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1); hexanoic acid, sodium salt, 1-(11)C-labeled; calcium hexanoate; n-caproic acid; sodium caproate; sodium capronate; sodium hexanoate; Sodium hexanoate; Sodium caproate; 10051-44-2; HEXANOIC ACID, SODIUM SALT; sodium capronate; sodium n-caproate; calcium N-hexanoate; Hexanoic acid sodium salt; Hexanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1); N-Caproic acid sodium salt; sodium n-hexanoate; UNII-E00CG11S66; Caproic acid sodium salt; n-Hexanoic acid sodium salt; E00CG11S66; MFCD00059056; Sodium hexanoate, 99%; caproate; sodiumn-caproate; Potassium Hexanoate; EINECS 233-179-0; NoOIEa AAENI; AC1N3HDM; ACMC-2097qo; (1/4) masculineEa AAENI; N-CAPROICACIDSODIUMSALT; SCHEMBL105514; Sodium hexanoate, 99-100%; caproic acid; DTXSID8064933; CTK8A8977; CHEBI:114126; UDWXLZLRRVQONG-UHFFFAOYSA-M; ANW-14302; AKOS015839655; RTR-000191; AN-20996; TR-000191; FT-0701290; caproic acid sodium salt; C-46394; C6H12O2.Na; C6-H12-O2.Na; CID24876; c1187; CID4087444; H0112; capronic Acid; hexanoate; hexanoic acid;

Keywords: 10051-44-2,MFCD00059056,1P0002NZ,Hexanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1),C6H11NaO2

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