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Heptanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C7H13NaO2

Molecular Weight:152.1667

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Sodium heptanoate; 10051-45-3; SCHEMBL105464; CTK0I2485; DTXSID70143357; ANW-14303; Heptanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1); MFCD00070499; AKOS015839893; TR-000192; E0009; FT-0693944; Enanthic Acid Sodium Salt; C7H14O2.Na; C7-H14-O2.Na; CID3014610; Heptanoic acid, sodium salt; Sodium Enanthate; sodium,heptanoate; EINECS 233-180-6; Enanthic acid sodium; ACMC-2097qp; Heptanoic Acid Sodium Salt;

Keywords: 10051-45-3,MFCD00070499,1P0002NY,Heptanoic acid, sodium salt (1:1),C7H13NaO2

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