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Phenol, 2,6-diethyl-




Molecular Formula:C10H14O

Molecular Weight:150.2176

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 2,6-Diethylphenol; 1006-59-3; W-108949; 2,6-Diethyphenol; DIE; 2,6-Diethyl-phenol; AC1L2E8H; 4-06-00-03351 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); SCHEMBL199730; 2,6-Diethylphenol, AldrichCPR; Jsp000151; DTXSID5061401; Phenol, 2,6-diethyl-; CTK0H8569; 3f34; 3f35; ALBB-008787; KS-000024MZ; ZINC2004532; ZX-AN007685; ZX-CM007003; ANW-47561; BDBM50409540; UNII-FXC69FTD6U; CD-091; FCH844189; MFCD01707589; STK505573; AKOS000321194; AM84301; CS-W006844; DS-1661; LS11742; AC-11162; BRN 2207162; AJ-32440; AN-48278; BR-45579; CJ-07337; AX8068254; LS-104352; ST2415928; TR-000224; 4CH-014868; FT-0655217; EINECS 213-744-8; X8517; S-4751; A800254; I01-6924; 4030293-25G; UNII-O7TO8QV9YC component METWAQRCMRWDAW-UHFFFAOYSA-N; C10H14O; CID70507; C10-H14-O; 2078-54-8; FXC69FTD6U; CHEMBL30014; METWAQRCMRWDAW-UHFFFAOYSA-N; AK-45579;

Keywords: 1006-59-3,MFCD01707589,1P0002WJ,Phenol, 2,6-diethyl-,C10H14O

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