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Pyrrolidine, 2-phenyl-




Molecular Formula:C10H13N

Molecular Weight:147.2169

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-Phenylpyrrolidine; 1006-64-0; AC1Q1HFO; AC1Q1I7R; (RS)-2-phenyl-pyrrolidine; ACMC-1B15A; Oprea1_853234; SCHEMBL21232; AC1L66B2; Jsp000152; 2-Phenylpyrrolidine, AldrichCPR; CTK3J9166; 2-phenyl-pyrrolidine; JUTDHSGANMHVIC-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 2AAX-0-0; KS-000000JC; ANW-14339; BBL020911; MFCD01631835; NSC-94961; SBB056158; STK893617; AKOS000118067; pyrrolidine, 2-phenyl-; AKOS016341138; AB09387; AC-2231; AN-2332; CS-W008926; GL-0079; MCULE-3856743286; PS-3577; RP21159; RP21160; CHEMBL369366; AK-39010; AK129355; BC220765; BR-39010; Q610; SC-26472; SY063719; AB0000428; AB1005730; DB-006212; 2-phenylpyrrolidin; TC-062804; TL8000067; 4CH-004533; 4CH-004534; 4CH-007157; AM20050516; BB 0220656; FT-0080095; FT-0601694; ST24028137; AK129122; ST50532755; EN300-26453; MFCD01631835 (97%); B-1501; P40006; 006P640; W-200630; Z271137940; (R)-2-PHENYLPYRROLIDINE; (S)-2-PHENYLPYRROLIDINE; NSC94961; (Pyrrolidin-2-yl)benzene; 2-Phenyl-pyrrolidine - 1G 1g; C10H13N; AR-1E5033; CID261892; ACN-037832; 56523-47-8; 59347-91-0; 100785-98-6; Pyrrolidine,2-phenyl-; rac-2-phenylpyrrolidine;

Keywords: 1006-64-0,MFCD01631835,1P0002WI,Pyrrolidine, 2-phenyl-,C10H13N

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