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Boronic acid, B-9-anthracenyl-




Molecular Formula:C14H11BO2

Molecular Weight:222.0469

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 9-anthraceneboronic acid; 100622-34-2; Anthracene-9-boronic acid, 97%; 9-boronoanthracene; 9-borono-anthracene; zlchem 414; PubChem7757; Anthracene-9-boronicacid; ACMC-2097rc; SCHEMBL24958; (anthracen-9-yl)boronic acid; KSC492E6P; anthracen-9-ylboronic acid; Boronic acid, B-9-anthracenyl-; CTK3J2267; DTXSID80573500; ZLC0268; VHHDLIWHHXBLBK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; BCP22763; KS-000001VC; ZX-RL002703; ANW-14326; BBL102765; Anthracene-9-boronic acid; CA-743; QC-647; STL556571; 9-Anthraceneboronic acid, >=95.0%; AKOS003585289; ZINC169743503; AB14711; AC-5004; AS-2644; BCP9000203; 9-Anthracenylboronic acid; CS-W003067; LS11065; MCULE-1404001697; RTR-000215; TRA0101219; NCGC00249485-01; AN-11422; BC000728; BR-44840; CC-24148; 9-ANTHRYLBORONIC ACID; OR303566; SC-00042; SY032203; AB0003271; AB1011817; AX8003869; ST2412610; TL8000061; TR-000215; 4CH-001294; 9-Anthracene boronic acid; AM20060477; FT-0621615; MFCD03425925 (98%); A-4074; A800246; C-12336; I14-1481; J-519491; 9-Anthracenylboronic acid; 9-Anthrylboronic acid; Anthracene-9-boronic acid; 2-Methoxy-4-methylbenzoic acid; Boronic acid, 9-anthracenyl-; C14H11BO2; ACN-029100; R500; A2328; 9-Anthraceneboronic acid, 98% - 250mg 250mg; MFCD03425925; AK-44840;

Keywords: 100622-34-2,MFCD03425925,1P0002ZI,Boronic acid, B-9-anthracenyl-,C14H11BO2

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