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Benzoic acid, 2-(dimethylamino)-, methyl ester




Molecular Formula:C10H13NO2

Molecular Weight:179.2157

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: Methyl 2-(dimethylamino)benzoate; 10072-05-6; EINECS 233-202-4; AI3-05573; AC1Q5ZBC; ACMC-1BS8U; Anthranilic acid, N,N-dimethyl-, methyl ester; methyl dimethyl anthranilate; SCHEMBL43644; MethylN,N-Dimethylanthranilate; AC1L337M; methyl 2-dimethylamino-benzoate; Methyl N,N-dimethylanthranilate; methyl N,N-dimethyl anthranilate; CTK3J6016; DTXSID10143477; NSC97545; ZINC1632744; ANW-14353; NSC-97545; AKOS005207048; MCULE-2368784224; 2-Dimethylaminobenzoic acid methyl ester; N,N-Dimethylanthranilic acid methyl ester; KS-0000151E; AJ-28473; CJ-26305; SC-28708; 2-(Dimethylamino)benzoic acid methyl ester; Anthranilic acid,N-dimethyl-, methyl ester; RT-002818; D0675; FT-0628453; ST50408123; METHYL 2-DIMETHYLAMINOBENZOATE; J-000201; I14-62154; Benzoic acid, methyl ester; Methyl N, N-dimethylanthranilate; CID82336; AR-1J4432; C10-H13-N-O2; 10124-98-8; UNII-77LQP0681T; Benzoic acid, 2-(dimethylamino)-, methyl ester; ZCNSBHAIPOWHJE-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 77LQP0681T; MFCD00025858;

Keywords: 10072-05-6,MFCD00025858,1P00036J,Benzoic acid, 2-(dimethylamino)-, methyl ester,C10H13NO2

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