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Naphthalene, 1,4-dimethoxy-




Molecular Formula:C12H12O2

Molecular Weight:188.2225

UN Number:

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Synonyms: 1,4-Dimethoxynaphthalene; 10075-62-4; Naphthalene,4-dimethoxy-; ACMC-1C6FS; 1,4-dimethoxy naphthalene; AC1Q57WK; SCHEMBL419307; AC1L337P; 1,4-Dimethoxynaphthalene, 97%; HMS550A14; DTXSID40143485; ZINC141876; Naphthalene, 1,4-dimethoxy-; STK398373; AKOS005453959; MCULE-6854168608; NSC-221272; TRA0007638; VZ20713; AS-44944; ZB004921; TC-172147; FT-0606888; 1,4-dimethoxy-naphthalene; ST50406928; I14-46848; 1,4-Dimethoxynaphthalene, for fluorescence, fluorescent marker, >=99.5% (HPLC); O(C)c1ccc(OC)c2ccccc12; KST-1A9537; CID82337; AR-1B7794; C12-H12-O2; 1,4-Dimethoxynaphthalene, 99% - 1G 1g; 10126-20-2; FWWRTYBQQDXLDD-UHFFFAOYSA-N; MFCD00052378; EINECS 233-209-2; NSC221272; AC1Q4DLM; Maybridge1_003006;

Keywords: 10075-62-4,MFCD00052378,1P000391,Naphthalene, 1,4-dimethoxy-,C12H12O2

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