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Naphthalene, 1,5-dimethoxy-




Molecular Formula:C12H12O2

Molecular Weight:188.2225

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 1,5-dimethoxynaphthalene; 1,5-Dimethoxynaphthalene; ACMC-20ap1g; Naphthalene,5-dimethoxy-; AC1Q4EO7; AC1Q57HF; NCIOpen2_000924; SCHEMBL357145; AC1L5M61; 1,5-Dimethoxynaphthalene, 97%; CTK3J9226; KS-00000EXK; 10075-63-5; DTXSID10291265; ZINC348798; 0265AA; BBL007756; CD-534; MFCD00086779; NSC-74554; STK498436; AKOS003662881; CS-W001050; Naphthalene, 1,5-dimethoxy-; DS-4361; FCH1114301; MCULE-1105444664; TRA0044403; AC-18230; AJ-20075; SY045911; ZB011048; AX8049468; DB-058484; 1 5-DIMETHOXYNAPHTHALENE; TC-172123; 4CH-024658; FT-0690909; H2366; ST24036875; ST45022130; MFCD00086779 (97%); 075D635; AF-960/00480063; C-55585; Naphthalene,1,5-dimethoxy-; J-000217; I14-46896; 1,5-dimethoxy-Naphthalene; KST-1A9805; C12H12O2; AR-1B8130; CID252527; 1091-93-6; 21047-89-2; ANCSPRJFGGDREM-UHFFFAOYSA-N; AK115967; 1,5-Dimethoxy naphthalene; NSC74554;

Keywords: 10075-63-5,MFCD00086779,1P000390,Naphthalene, 1,5-dimethoxy-,C12H12O2

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