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Benzenesulfonic acid, 2-formyl-, sodium salt (1:1)




Molecular Formula:C7H5NaO4S

Molecular Weight:208.1670

UN Number:

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Synonyms: 1008-72-6; Sodium 2-formylbenzenesulfonate; LH8XH59068; o-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt; sodium 2-formylbenzene-1-sulfonate; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonicacidsodiumsalt; Sodium o-benzaldehyde sulfonate; 2-Sulfobenzaldehyde, sodium salt; Benzaldehyde-o-sulfonic acid sodium salt; MFCD00007478; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, 90%, tech.; Sodium 2-formylbenzenesulphonate; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt; NSC 4868; EINECS 213-758-4; Ortho Sulfo Benzaldehyde; AC1MXQK2; sodium 2-sulfobenzaldehyde; AC1Q1W2I; benzaldehyde-2-sulfonic acid; DSSTox_CID_21643; DSSTox_RID_79801; DSSTox_GSID_41643; Sodium o-formylbenzenesulfonate; KSC499G2J; SCHEMBL549938; benzaldehyde-2-sodium sulfonate; Sodium 2-formyl-benzolsulfonate; sodium o-formyl-benzenesulfonate; Jsp000169; benzaldehyde-2-sodium sulphonate; CHEMBL3182431; DTXSID5041643; CTK3J9324; Benzenesulfonic acid, 2-formyl-, sodium salt; potassium 2-formylbenzenesulfonate; ADPUQRRLAAPXGT-UHFFFAOYSA-M; 2-formyl-benzenesulfonicacisodiumsalt; Tox21_301057; ANW-43539; OBSA, Sodium o-formylbenzenesulfonate; AKOS009031499; 2-formylbenzensulfonic acid sodium salt; NE10491; RL00062; UNII-LH8XH59068; RTR-032838; TRA0047070; benzenesulfonicacid,2-formyl-,sodiumsalt; KS-00000B01; NCGC00254959-01; 2-Formylbenzenensulfonic Acid Sodium Salt; AC-11566; AK192542; AS-15562; BC202574; 2-Sulfobenzaldehyde sodium salt; MFCD00007478 (tech. 90%); P879; SY011041; CAS-1008-72-6; TR-032838; FT-0613414; o-FORMYLBENZENESULFONIC ACID, Na TECH; S0122; Benzenesulfonic acid, o-formyl-, sodium salt (8CI); J-018023; Sodium benzaldehyde-2-sulfonate; W-108934; I14-10721; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, >=95.0% (T); C7H5NaO4S; C7H6O4S.Na; 2-formylbenzenesulfonic acid; sodiumbenzaldehyde-o-sulfonate; C7-H6-O4-S.Na; CID70514; AR-1L4591; Benzaldehyde-2-sulfonic acid sodium salt; CID3794540; Benzenesulfonic acid, o-formyl-, sodium salt; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt hydrate; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, 90% - 25g 25g; 2-Formylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, 98% - 100G 100g; 91-25-8; 10129-71-2; 305808-14-4; Benzenesulfonic acid, 2-formyl-, sodium salt (1:1);

Keywords: 1008-72-6,MFCD00007478,1P0003E1,Benzenesulfonic acid, 2-formyl-, sodium salt (1:1),C7H5NaO4S

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