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Piperazine, 1-(4-pyridinyl)-




Molecular Formula:C9H13N3

Molecular Weight:163.2196

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 1-(4-pyridyl)piperazine; 1-(4-Pyridyl)piperazine; PIPERAZINE, 1-(4-PYRIDINYL)-; 4-(1-PIPERAZINYL)PYRIDINE; MFCD00040745; 4-(1-piperazino)pyridine; 1-(4-pyridinyl)piperazine; CHEMBL339069; 1-[4-pyridyl]piperazine; EINECS 213-764-7; 4-pyridyl piperazine; (4-pyridyl)piperazine; 1008-91-9; PubChem22899; l-(4-pyridyl)piperazine; AC1Q4WUQ; 4-(4-pyridyl)piperazine; N-(4-Pyridyl)piperazine; 1-(4 -pyridyl)piperazine; 1-pyridin-4-yl piperazine; 4-(4-pyridyl) piperazine; 1-(4-pyridinyl)-piperazine; SCHEMBL74335; 1-(pyridin-4-yl)piperazine; AC1L2E98; CTK3J1312; KS-00000WVL; DTXSID80143520; OQZBAQXTXNIPRA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ZINC155383; ACN-S003622; ACT04254; ANW-14390; BBL021057; 1-Pyridin-4-yl-piperazine; BDBM50106393; CP-912; FC0336; SBB056135; STK893763; AKOS000205043; 1- pound 4-pyridyl pound(c)piperazine; AB01816; CS-W020625; FS-1243; 4-Piperazinopyridine; MCULE-6854820887; RP22633; RTC-062100; TRA0045763; AK-25244; AN-48292; BP-12527; BR-25244; SC-22893; SY002313; 1-(4-pyridyl)-piperazine; AB0004522; AB1001327; DB-018625; ST2415113; TC-062100; AM20070126; FT-0605777; P1863; ST50408444; 1-(4-Pyridyl)piperazine, >=97.0% (GC); 4-pyridylpiperazine; M-2967; P67444; 32721-EP2301933A1; 32721-EP2311827A1; MFCD00040745 (97+%); 008P919; I13-0314; W-111710; Z199538186; D0T3HK; 1-pyridin-4-ylpiperazine; C9H13N3; KST-1B4342; CID70517; AR-1B3287; C9-H13-N3; 1-(4-Pyridyl)piperazine, 97% - 1G 1g; 4551-72-8; 1-(4-pyridyl) piperazine;

Keywords: 1008-91-9,MFCD00040745,1P0003DW,Piperazine, 1-(4-pyridinyl)-,C9H13N3

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