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Benzene, 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitro-




Molecular Formula:C7H6ClNO3

Molecular Weight:187.5804

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 2-Chloro-5-nitroanisole; 1009-36-5; 2-Chlor-5-nitroanisol; 2-chloro-5-nitroanisol; AC1Q3ODK; 2-chloro-5-nitro-anisole; 2-Chloro-5-nitro anisole; ACMC-2097tc; AC1L2E9E; SCHEMBL57125; KSC494G1H; 4-chloro-3-methoxy-nitrobenzene; 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitrobenzene; DTXSID5061407; CTK3J4313; JXIJUAWSDBACEB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitro-benzen; ACN-S004497; ACT00657; BCP22612; STR02123; ZINC2004522; ANW-14398; 2-Methoxy-4-nitrochlorobenzene; BBL002993; MFCD00079739; RW3378; SBB065746; STK378743; 1-chloro-2-(methyloxy)4-nitrobenzene; AKOS005068087; AC-3777; AM61718; AN-6396; 4-Chloro-3-methoxynitrobenzene; AS02826; AS04152; CC-1364; CM11693; CS-W020612; MCULE-9593310717; PS-3400; QC-2326; RP24748; RTR-032875; Benzene, 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitro-; TRA0040602; VZ24306; AJ-32438; AK-25246; BR-25246; CJ-07335; CJ-30983; SC-00062; SY010997; DB-020863; 1-CHLORO-2-METHOXY-4-NITRO-BENZENE; ST2408744; TR-032875; C1773; FT-0084738; FT-0611827; ST51041415; X4248; TL800742058; 1-Chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitrobenzene, AldrichCPR; A-4094; AKOS AKM01269; A19859; 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitrobenzene, 98.0%(gc); MFCD00079739 (97+%); 009C365; I04-0099; J-508875; C7H6ClNO3; 2-Chloro-6-nitroanisole; C7-H6-Cl-N-O3; CID70519; EINECS 213-768-9; AR-1E3097; ZINC02004522; ACN-040357; 2-Chloro-5-nitroanisole, 98% - 1G 1g; 10139-06-7; PubChem2625;

Keywords: 1009-36-5,MFCD00079739,1P0003LF,Benzene, 1-chloro-2-methoxy-4-nitro-,C7H6ClNO3

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