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Benzenamine, 4-octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)-




Molecular Formula:C28H43N

Molecular Weight:393.6477

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: Bis(4-octylphenyl)amine; 101-67-7; 4-Octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)benzenamine; Diphenylamine, 4,4'-dioctyl-; Di-n-octyl diphenylamine; NSC 79268; UNII-28396EFO9I; CCRIS 6029; HSDB 5341; EINECS 202-965-5; AI3-17279; QAPVYZRWKDXNDK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 4,4'-DIOCTYLDIPHENYLAMINE; 28396EFO9I; Benzenamine, ar-octyl-N-(octylphenyl)-; AK117116; W-109378; Vanox ODP; NSC79268; Naugalube 438; Bis(octylphenyl)amine; Ppp'-dioctyldiphenylamine; DSSTox_CID_5170; p,p-Dioctyldiphenylamine; Diphenylamine,4'-dioctyl-; AC1Q1IM1; DSSTox_GSID_25170; SCHEMBL60027; WLN: 8R DMR D8; AC1L1P27; EOS383; DTXSID3025170; CHEBI:88866; Dioctyldiphenylamine (mixed isomers); Benzenamine, 4-octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)-; EINECS 247-839-0; Tox21_303750; LS-333; MFCD00048942; NSC-79268; ZINC95866665; 4-Octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)aniline #; AKOS016010569; Diphenylamine, 4,4'-dioctyl- (8CI); NCGC00356940-01; Bis(p-octylphenyl)amine; AN-15654; AS-13155; CAS-101-67-7; H477; AX8125768; ST2419153; FT-0652211; 101P677; UNII-7134CH29H0 component QAPVYZRWKDXNDK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Dioctyldiphenylamine; Vanlube-81; Bis(4-octylphenyl)amin; 4,4/'-Dioctyldiphenylamine; C28H43N; UNII-7134CH29H0; CID7569; AR-1G4185; C28-H43-N; 7134CH29H0; CS-O-11124; Bencenamina, 4-octil-N-(4-octilfenil)-; p,p'-Dioctyldiphenylamine; 26603-23-6; 15721-78-5; 27486-92-6; 4-Octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)aniline; 4,4'-Dioctylphenylamine;

Keywords: 101-67-7,MFCD00048942,1P0003WP,Benzenamine, 4-octyl-N-(4-octylphenyl)-,C28H43N

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