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Cyclohexanamine, N-cyclohexyl-




Molecular Formula:C12H23N

Molecular Weight:181.3177

UN Number:2565

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: cyclohexanamine, N-cyclohexyl-, sulfate (1:1); dicyclohexylamine; N-Cyclohexylcyclohexanamine; NCGC00090955-05; NCGC00090955-06; NCGC00257081-01; NCGC00259320-01; AJ-24627; AN-24586; Dicyclohexylamine [UN2565] [Corrosive]; M273; SC-65537; Dicyclohexylamine [UN2565] [Corrosive]; 101-83-7; TR-000447; D0435; FT-0624742; ST45255382; T7263; C14686; AG-617/02036022; I14-7325; J-000503; F2190-0312; DCHA; DICYCLOHEXYLAMINE (SEE ALSO DICYCLOHEXYLAMINE NITRITE 3129-91-7); InChI=1/C12H23N/c1-3-7-11(8-4-1)13-12-9-5-2-6-10-12/h11-13H,1-10H; Diphenylamine; dicyclohexylammonium; Dicyclohexylamine nitrite; (Cyclohexylamino)cyclohexan; Cyclohexanamine, N -cyclohexyl-; C12H23N; Ciclohexanamina, N-ciclohexil-; Dicyclohexylamine, 98% 100ml; Cyclohexanamine, N-cyclohexyl-; CID7582; AR-1K6679; C12-H23-N; NA2565; Dicyclohexylamine, 98.5% - 10G 10g; Dicyclohexylamine 99% for synthesis 500ml; A7072; DCH; 122-39-4; 22823-50-3; Dicha; 5008-28-6; N,N-Dicyclohexylamine; Dodecahydrodiphenylamine; Dicyklohexylamin; N,N-Diclohexylamine; N-Cyclohexyl-cyclohexylamine; dicyclohexylamine hydrochloride; Dicyklohexylamin [Czech]; NSC 3399; UNII-1A93RJW924; CCRIS 6228; HSDB 4018; EINECS 202-980-7; UN2565; BRN 0605923; MLS002174250; CHEBI:34694; dicyclohexylamine nitrate; AI3-15334; XBPCUCUWBYBCDP-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 1A93RJW924; Dicyclohexylamine, 99+%; DSSTox_CID_5018; DSSTox_RID_77630; DSSTox_GSID_25018; NCGC00090955-03; SMR001224510; MFCD00011658; dicyclohexylamine nitrite; CAS-101-83-7; dicydohexylamine; dicylohexylamine; dicylcohexylamine; Aminodicyclohexane; di-cyclohexylamine; dicyclohexyl-amine; Dicyclohexyl amine; bis-cyclohexylamine; Bis(cyclohexyl)amine; dicyclohexylamine phosphate (3:1); Di-CHA; Cy2NH; Cyclohexylcyclohexanamine; Dodecahydro diphenylamine; Dicyclohexylamine, 99%; AC1Q1HHA; AC1Q1HHB; Ac-|A-Ala-OH.DCHA; SCHEMBL500; EC 202-980-7; dicyclohexylamine sulfate; AC1L1P3A; AC1Q4TS6; cid_7582; ACMC-1C91X; NCIOpen2_002862; Oprea1_024913; Cyclohexanamine,N-cyclohexyl-; N,N-DICYCLOHXYL-AMINE; 4-12-00-00022 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); KSC175G6N; dicyclohexylamine sulfate (1:1); MLS002152900; BIDD:ER0258; WLN: L6TJ AM-AL6TJ; CHEMBL1451838; DTXSID6025018; BDBM74256; DICYCLOHEXYLAMINE, PRACT.; KS-00000WCT; NSC3399; ZINC982093; dicyclohexylammonium; NSC-3399; Tox21_111044; Tox21_201771; Tox21_303097; ANW-14534; BBL002970; LS-340; SBB059756; STK379549; Dicyclohexylamine, analytical standard; DICYCLOHEXYLAMINE; AKOS000119059; Tox21_111044_1; MCULE-6930670206; RTR-000447; TRA0044535; TRA0049234; UN 2565; NCGC00090955-01; NCGC00090955-02; NCGC00090955-04;

Keywords: 101-83-7,MFCD00011658,1P0003WH,Cyclohexanamine, N-cyclohexyl-,C12H23N

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