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Benzene, 1,1'-oxybis-




Molecular Formula:C12H10O

Molecular Weight:170.2072

UN Number:3077

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: diphenyl ether; phenyl ether; Oxybisbenzene; CJ-23748; Diphenyl ether, ReagentPlus(R), >=99%; SC-19163; AB1002336; TR-000448; CS-0015060; FT-0617056; FT-0625233; P0177; ST24048865; Biphenyl oxide; ST45053934; AZ0001-0008; Diphenyl ether, SAJ first grade, >=98.0%; Diphenyl ether, Selectophore(TM), >=99.9%; KS-00004720; Diphenyl ether, Vetec(TM) reagent grade, 98%; A800474; I14-4054; J-000505; J-520381; Benzene, 1,1'-oxybis-; Z57127518; F1908-0183; InChI=1/C12H10O/c1-3-7-11(8-4-1)13-12-9-5-2-6-10-12/h1-10; 32576-61-7; fenoprofen; Difenyleter; phenoxy benzene; diphenylether-; ther diphnylique; Phenyl ether (vapor); Oxydiphenyl; Diphenylether (Dampf); Phenyl ether (vapour); DPE (CHRIS Code); Diphenyl ether (vapour); Benceno, 1,1'-oxibis-; Diphenyl ether, 99% 500g; Phenyl ether; (Diphenyl ether); 2,2',3-Trihydroxydiphenylether; C12H10O; CID7583; Geranium crystals; Diphenyl ether, 99% - 1KG 1kg; C12-H10-O; c1254; Phenyl ether - Vapour (Diphenyl ether); Diphenyl Ether 98% for synthesis 500ml; C031538; PFN; Ether, diphenyl-; Chemcryl JK-EB; Benzene, phenoxy-; 1,1'-Oxybis(benzene); Phenyl ether, vapor; Diphenyl oxide; Diphenylether; 1,1'-Oxybisbenzene; Ether, diphenyl; Diphenylaether; Diphenyloxid; diphenyl-ether; phenoxy-benzene; 1-Phenoxybenzene; NSC 19311; UNII-3O695R5M1U; DIPHENYL ETHER; FEMA No. 3667; CCRIS 5912; HSDB 934; Phenyl ether (8CI); 1,1'-oxybis-benzene; EINECS 202-981-2; MFCD00003034; BRN 1364620; AI3-00749; CHEBI:39258; Phenoxybenzene; USIUVYZYUHIAEV-UHFFFAOYSA-N; 3O695R5M1U; Phenyl ether, 99%; DSSTox_CID_1847; DSSTox_RID_76363; DSSTox_GSID_21847; CAS-101-84-8; diphenyether; diphenyloxide; phenylether; 101-84-8; 4-phenoxybenzene; PhOPh; 1-phenoxy benzene; 1,1-Oxybisbenzene; (4-Phenoxy)benzene; Phenyl ether, 8CI; Benzene,1'-oxybis-; PubChem9111; Ph2O; WLN: ROR; Phenyl ether; EC 202-981-2; AC1L1P3D; 1,1'-Oxybisbenzene, 9CI; Diphenyl oxide; Phenyl ether; SCHEMBL12286; 4-06-00-00568 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); KSC176E1H; ARONIS25147; CHEMBL38934; ACMC-2097x5; Oxydibenzene; Diphenyl ether, >=99%, FG; DTXSID9021847; CTK0H6213; FEMA 3667; KS-00000WJX; EBD47295; NSC19311; STR00684; ZINC1504642; Tox21_202277; Phenyl oxide; Tox21_302777; ANW-14535; LS-341; NSC-19311; NSC174083; SBB040808; STL199168; AKOS000120215; Diphenyl ether, ReagentPlus(R), 99%; MCULE-3010711232; 1,1'-oxydibenzene; NSC-174083; RP23246; RTR-000448; NCGC00091303-01; NCGC00091303-02; NCGC00091303-03; NCGC00256450-01; NCGC00259826-01; AJ-26427; CJ-05123;

Keywords: 101-84-8,MFCD00003034,1P0003WG,Benzene, 1,1'-oxybis-,C12H10O

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