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Benzeneacetic acid, 4-methylphenyl ester




Molecular Formula:C15H14O2

Molecular Weight:226.2705

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: p-Tolyl phenylacetate; p-Cresyl phenylacetate; 4-cresyl phenylacetate; Tolyl alpha-toluate, p-; Cresyl alpha-toluate, p-; UNII-959IBY0PDG; NSC 5981; Methylphenyl phenylacetate, p-; FEMA No. 3077; Methylphenyl alpha-toluate, p-; (4-methylphenyl) 2-phenylacetate; p-Tolyl .alpha.-toluate; 101-94-0; Cresyl phenylacetate, p-; EINECS 202-990-1; p-Cresyl .alpha.-toluate; 4-Methylphenyl phenylacetate; 959IBY0PDG; AI3-17243; Acetic acid, phenyl-, p-tolyl ester (6CI,7CI,8CI); p-TolylPhenylacetate; p-Tolyl=phenylacetate; 4-Tolyl phenylacetate; Phenylacetic acid p-cresyl ester; p-Tolyl alpha-toluate; p-Cresyl alpha-toluate; P-Tolyl alpha -toluate; para-cresyl phenylacetate; P-Cresyl alpha -toluate; AC1L1UBI; para-cresyl phenyl acetate; ACMC-2097xi; p-Methylphenyl phenylacetate; AC1Q2MQ0; Phenylacetic acid, p-tolyl ester; p-Methylphenyl alpha-toluate; SCHEMBL789755; Jsp000250; DTXSID7051509; p-Tolyl phenylacetate, >=99%; Phenylacetic Acid p-Tolyl Ester; CTK8A9008; FEMA 3077; NSC5981; OJEQSSJFSNLMLB-UHFFFAOYSA-N; BENZENEACETIC ACID, 4-METHYLPHENYL ESTER; ZINC393808; KS-000017YR; NSC-5981; ANW-14548; MFCD00025983; SBB060697; AKOS015904156; LS-3127; MCULE-5288435334; AN-24592; Acetic acid, phenyl-, p-tolyl ester; I773; ZB012283; TC-103293; TL8000105; FT-0631543; ST51046829; W-108893; I14-17760; p-tolylphenylacetat; p - tolyl phenylacetate; p-tolyl 2-phenylacetate; Acetic acid, p-tolyl ester; C15H14O2; CID60997; c0870; Benzeneacetic acid 4-methylphenyl ester; C15-H14-O2; 4-methylphenyl 2-phenylacetate; 4-Methylphenyl benzeneacetate;

Keywords: 101-94-0,MFCD00025983,1P0003XE,Benzeneacetic acid, 4-methylphenyl ester,C15H14O2

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