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Carbamic acid, N-phenyl-, ethyl ester




Molecular Formula:C9H11NO2

Molecular Weight:165.1891

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Synonyms: ethyl N-phenylcarbamate; ethylcarbanilate; Euphorin; Keimstop; Urethane, phenyl-; Carbanilic acid, ethyl ester; Phenylethyl carbamate; Ethyl N-phenylurethan; Ethyl N-phenylurethane; Urethan, phenyl-; N-(Ethoxycarbonyl)aniline; Carbamic acid, phenyl-, ethyl ester; phenylurethane; EPC (the plant regulator); Phenylurethan(e); Ethyl-N-phenylcarbamate; UNII-TWP7W286IF; NSC 3245; Ethanol, carbanilate; Ethylester kyseliny karbanilove; N-PHENYLETHYL CARBAMATE; HSDB 5344; N-Phenyl ethylcarbamate; Ethyl phenylcarbamate; EINECS 202-995-9; Carbamic acid, N-phenyl-, ethyl ester; Ethylester kyseliny karbanilove [Czech]; BRN 1942785; TWP7W286IF; AI3-15353; LBKPGNUOUPTQKA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; N-Phenylcarbamic Acid Ethyl Ester; MFCD00026806; Epc(the plant regulator); N-Phenylurethane; phenyl urethane; ethoxy-N-benzamide; ethylphenylcarbamate; Phenylcarbamic acid ethyl; Ethyl N-phenylcarbanilate; ACMC-1CA9B; WLN: 2OVMR; AC1Q35BR; Ethanol, carbanilate (7CI); 4-12-00-00619 (Beilstein Handbook Reference); Phenylurethane; SCHEMBL264865; Phenylcarbamic acid ethyl ester; AC1L1P41; CHEMBL2235373; DTXSID0059243; CTK4A0531; LBKPGNUOUPTQKA-UHFFFAOYSA-; NSC3245; Ethyl ester of phenylcarbamic acid; N-phenyl carbamic acid ethyl ester; 101-99-5; N-phenyl-carbamic acid ethyl ester; N-phenyl-carbamic acid-ethyl ester; NSC-3245; 7516AC; ANW-14569; BBL000695; STK369865; ZINC12416739; Carbamic acid,N-phenyl-, ethyl ester; AKOS002937614; Phenylurethan; MCULE-7031990871; KS-000017D2; NCGC00342033-01; LS-51239; TR-000471; FT-0631544; P0165; P1090; ST50410725; T7265; ETHYL N-PHENYLCARBAMATE; AB00375764-03; I14-27319; InChI=1/C9H11NO2/c1-2-12-9(11)10-8-6-4-3-5-7-8/h3-7H,2H2,1H3,(H,10,11); ethylphenylcarbamat-; Carbamic acid, ethyl ester; C9H11NO2; CID7591; C9-H11-N-O2; N-Phenylurethane, 98% - 100G 100g; EPC; Ethyl carbanilate;

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