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Phosphoric acid, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:12)




Molecular Formula:H24Na3O16P

Molecular Weight:380.1240

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: dibasic sodium phosphate, anhydrous; disodium acid phosphate; phosphoric acid, disodium salt, heptahydrate; phosphoric acid, monosodium salt; phosphoric acid, monosodium salt, anhydrous; phosphoric acid, sodium (2:3) salt; phosphoric acid, sodium salt; phosphoric acid, trisodium salt; phosphoric acid, trisodium salt , 32P-labeled; phosphoric acid, trisodium salt , dodecahydrate; sodium biphosphate; sodium dihydrogen orthophosphate; disodium hydrogen phosphate; sodium dihydrogen phosphate; sodium hydrophosphate; sodium phosphate; sodium phosphate monobasic anhydrous; sodium phosphate, dibasic; sodium phosphate, dibasic (anhydrous); sodium phosphate, disodium salt; sodium phosphate, monobasic; sodium phosphate, monobasic anhydrous; sodium phosphate, tribasic; disodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous; sodium phosphate, tribasic, dodecahydrate; trisodium phosphate; trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate; Trisodium phosphate dodecahydrate; 10101-89-0; Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate; Sodium phosphate tribasic dodecahydrate; MFCD00149198; Phosphoric acid, trisodium salt, dodecahydrate; UNII-B70850QPHR; monosodium dihydrogen phosphate; CCRIS 7322; Trisodium phosphate (tert) dodecahydrate; B70850QPHR; Phosphoric acid, trisodium salt, dodeahydrate; Phosporic Acid Trisodium Salt; Sodium phosphate, tribasic dodecahydrate, extra pure; Sodium phosphate, tribasic dodecahydrate, 98%, for analysis; sodium phosphate, tribasic, dodecahydrate; Sodium phosphate, tribasic dodecahydrate, 98%, for biochemistry; Sodium phosphate, tribasic dodecahydrate, 98+%, ACS reagent; neutral sodium hydrogen phosphate; AC1LANQW; AC1L1VAW; ACMC-1C7C8; H24Na3O16P; Trisodiumphosphatedodecahydrate; KSC174S7N; trisodiumphosphate dodecahydrate; trisodium dodecahydrate phosphate; DTXSID0049810; CTK0H4976; phosphoric acid, disodium salt; KS-00000VFJ; ASTWEMOBIXQPPV-UHFFFAOYSA-K; tripotassium dodecahydrate phosphate; SODIUM PHOSPHATE TRIBASIC, ACS; AKOS015914014; AKOS015951230; LS00069; Sodium phosphate, tribasic dodecahydrate; Sodium phosphate tribasic dodecahydrate ACS; AB1009425; phosphoric acid, disodium salt, 32P-labeled; LS-107893; RT-001142; FT-0696521; TSP; Trisodium phosphate (tert) dodecahydrate; Phosphoric acid, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:12); J-000307; AxEaEyAAE E(R) paragraph signthornE(R) masculineIIi; I14-44392; UNII-A752Q30A6X component ASTWEMOBIXQPPV-UHFFFAOYSA-K; UNII-SE337SVY37 component ASTWEMOBIXQPPV-UHFFFAOYSA-K; phosphoric acid, disodium salt, anhydrous; Trisodium phosphate (tert) E(R) paragraph signthornE(R) masculineIIi; TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE; Sodium phosphate; Sodium phosphate, tribasic; Sodium phosphate tribasic; Natriumphosphat Dodecahydrat; O4P.3Na.12H2O; Trisodium-phosphate-dodecahydrate; O4-P.3Na.12H2-O; tri-Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate; phosphoric acid, disodium salt, dodecahydrate; CID61473; NA9148; SODIUM PHOSPHATE,TRIBASIC 1KG; Sodium Phosphate tribasic 12-Hydrate; Natriumphosphat tribasisch Dodekahydrat; V0110; Sodium phosphate dodecahydrate, ACS, 98.0-102.0% 500g; Tri-Sodium Orthophosphate Dodecahydrate 98% extra pure 500gm; TSP;

Keywords: 10101-89-0,MFCD00003510,1P0003Z9,Phosphoric acid, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:12),H24Na3O16P

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