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Benzonitrile, 2-fluoro-4-formyl-




Molecular Formula:C8H4FNO

Molecular Weight:149.1219

UN Number:

Haz Class:

Packing Group:

Synonyms: 2-Fluoro-4-formylbenzonitrile; 101048-76-4; CTK3J9498; Benzonitrile,2-fluoro-4-formyl-; DTXSID10458977; MYUPCEIJNBAAFL-UHFFFAOYSA-N; ACT06597; KS-00000JY6; 4-Cyano-3-fluorobenzaldehyde, 96%; ANW-44458; CL8921; MFCD06738989; 4-Cyano-3-fluorobenzaldehyde; SBB055304; ZINC12336555; AKOS005072204; AB28328; AM84211; DB-0608; RP09970; RTR-000310; AC-28645; AJ-60968; 2-fluoro-4-formyl-benzonitrile; AK-30947; SC-02224; SY026547; AB0036320; ST2404408; TR-000310; 4CH-018374; CS-0034821; F1112; FT-0082870; 3-Fluoro-4-Cyanobenzaldehyde; FT-0651250; Y3515; MFCD06738989 (95%); A19520; Q-8520; J-509398; I01-15154; C8H4FNO; ACN-044876; CID11217339; 2-Fluoro-4-formylbenzenecarbonitrile; Benzonitrile, 2-fluoro-4-formyl- (9CI); BENZONITRILE, 2-FLUORO-4-FORMYL-; ACMC-209v0c; fluoroformylbenzenecarbonitrile; SCHEMBL923510;

Keywords: 101048-76-4,MFCD06738989,1P00043H,Benzonitrile, 2-fluoro-4-formyl-,C8H4FNO

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