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Benzeneacetonitrile, 4-(phenylmethyl)-




Molecular Formula:C15H13N

Molecular Weight:207.2704

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Benzylphenylacetonitrile; 101096-72-4; SCHEMBL625190; AC1Q4S12; 2-[4-benzylphenyl]ethanenitrile; CTK3J3400; DTXSID20344514; ZINC2528067; ZX-AT011475; 7312AC; AKOS015839222; MCULE-6328551617; 2-(4-benzylphenyl)acetonitrile; RTR-000326; VZ28392; CC-18081; SC-54234; TR-000326; FT-0617673; ST50408441; C-10469; I14-26953; F0001-0058; RNZDBGKQDKFAPR-UHFFFAOYSA-N; C15H13N; CID597531; ZINC02528067; MFCD00060310; ACMC-20amog; 4-Benzylbenzyl cyanide; AC1LCAC9; (4-benzylphenyl)acetonitrile; 4-benzyl-l-cyanomethylbenzene;

Keywords: 101096-72-4,MFCD00060310,1P00047B,Benzeneacetonitrile, 4-(phenylmethyl)-,C15H13N

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