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Boronic acid, B-[4-(acetylamino)phenyl]-




Molecular Formula:C8H10BNO3

Molecular Weight:178.9809

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Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 4-Acetamidophenylboronic acid; 101251-09-6; Boronic acid, [4-(acetylamino)phenyl]-; 4-Acetamidophenylboronic acid, 97+%; 4-acetylaminophenyl boronic acid; AC1MC1MQ; AC1Q1KPH; 4-AcetamidophenylboronicAcid; SCHEMBL9162; ACMC-1C77G; 4-acetoamidophenylboronic acid; p-acetamido-phenylboronic acid; 4-acetylaminophenylboronic acid; 4-Acetamidobenzeneboronic acid; 4-acetamido-phenylboronic acid; 4-acetaminophenyl boronic acid; (4-acetaminophenyl)boronic acid; 4-(acetamido)phenylboronic acid; 4-acetylamino-phenylboronic acid; CTK3I9572; KS-00000APG; DTXSID50370427; p-(Acetylamino)phenylboronic acid; (4-acetamidophenyl)boronic Acid; 4-(Acetylamino)phenylboranic acid; VYEWTHXZHHATTA-UHFFFAOYSA-N; (4-acetamido-phenyl)-boronic acid; BM060; ACT11306; BCP16827; CS-D1684; [4-(acetylamino)phenyl]boronic acid; ANW-14443; SBB000202; 4-acetamidophenyl boronic acid; [4-(acetylamino) phenyl]boronic acid; AKOS006222734; ZINC169743300; AB11156; CA-1189; LS10862; RP03126; RTR-000349; TRA0022460; VB10002; MFCD02179451; NCGC00249515-01; AK-45196; AN-25683; AS-11604; SC-48778; SY002730; AB1007773; Boronic acid, B-[4-(acetylamino)phenyl]-; DB-008369; ST2405504; p-acetamidophenylboronic acid; TL8007159; TR-000349; FT-0602234; MFCD02179451 (97%); A-3644; A22122; 251A096; I01-3895; null; 3-Acetamidophenylboronic acid; 4-Acetamidophenyl-Boronic Acid; 4-Acetylaminophenylboronicacid; C8H10BNO3; ACN-032736; CID2734657; 4-Acetamidophenylboronic acid, 97% - 1G 1g; (4-acetylaminophenyl)boronic acid; 4-(acetylamino)phenylboronic acid;

Keywords: 101251-09-6,MFCD02179451,1P0004I6,Boronic acid, B-[4-(acetylamino)phenyl]-,C8H10BNO3

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