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Benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl-




Molecular Formula:C13H11N

Molecular Weight:181.2331

UN Number:

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Synonyms: Benzophenone imine; Diphenylmethanimine; Benzenemethanimine, .alpha.-phenyl-; EJJ21NA7VI; SXZIXHOMFPUIRK-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Benzophenone imine, 97%, stabilized; diphenylketimine; Benzophone imine; bezophenone imine; Benzophenon imine; benzhydrylidenamine; benzo-phenone imine; 1013-88-3; diphenyl methanimine; diphenyl-methanimine; benzhydrylidene-amine; BENZHYDRYLIMINE; zlchem 252; Diphenylmethanimine #; BENZOPHENONIMINE; PubChem18291; PhC(NH)Ph;; 1,1 diphenylmethanimine; Benzophenoneimine; ACMC-1AQFX; 1,1-Diphenylmethylimine; BENZOPHENONE-IMINE; 1,1 diphenylmethaneimine; 1,1-diphenyl-methanimine; Benzophenone imine, 95%; N-(diphenylmethylene)amine; AC1L39BS; AC1Q4V2V; Oprea1_372891; 1,1-diphenylmethanimine; Oprea1_617070; SCHEMBL16954; KSC182A3R; benzenemethanimine, |A-phenyl-; ARONIS000349; CTK0I2038; EBD9517; ZLC0061; ACT03288; KS-000008EV; UNII-EJJ21NA7VI; KS-00003U2D; STR06747; ZINC1095290; ANW-14462; BBL100337; STL554119; AKOS000121302; ACN-000028; CS-W007616; MCULE-4272138883; BENZHYDRYLIDENEAMINE; PB24516; RP00086; RTC-069946; SB21675; TRA0060777; AC-22528; AJ-25038; AK-39058; AN-48318; BR-39058; MFCD00001760; CJ-04776; SC-17386; SY003036; ZB016025; AB0010137; AB1003986; DB-002140; TC-069946; TL8000092; FT-0622725; Diphenylmethanimineimine; ST24030109; ST45037183; S-1455; MFCD00001760 (95+%); I01-0180; Q-103473; F3145-0225; null; diphenyl ketimine; C,C-Diphenylmethyleneimine; Benzenemethanimine, alpha-phenyl-; alpha-Phenylbenzenemethanimine; C13H11N; CID136809; NSC143525; ACN-026886; Benzophenone imine, 98% - 100g 100g; B1912; EC 440-870-2; 52826-52-5; 5319-67-5;

Keywords: 1013-88-3,MFCD00001760,1P0004NC,Benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl-,C13H11N

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  • Benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl-, also known as N-phenylbenzaldimine or α-phenylbenzenemethanamine, is a versatile intermediate in organic synthesis. Its structure consists of a benzaldimine functional group, which is characterized by a double bond between a carbon and a nitrogen atom, with the nitrogen atom also bonded to a phenyl group.
    This compound finds applications in various synthetic routes:
    1. Synthesis of Imines: It can undergo further reactions to form imines by reacting with various types of amines. This property is particularly useful in the synthesis of Schiff bases, which are valuable ligands in coordination chemistry.
    2. Synthesis of Heterocycles: Benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl- is employed in the synthesis of various heterocyclic compounds. It can participate in reactions such as cyclization to form diversely substituted pyrroles, pyridines, or other nitrogen-containing rings essential in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
    3. Chiral Auxiliary: The α-phenyl group can act as a chiral auxiliary in enantioselective synthesis. It can influence the stereochemical outcome of reactions due to steric and electronic effects, which is critical in the production of enantiomerically pure compounds.
    4. Organometallic Reactions: This compound can also be used as a ligand for transition metals, forming complexes that are catalytically active in various organic transformations such as hydrogenations, carbon-carbon bond formation, and hydroformylation.
    5. Amine Protection: The imine form can be used for the protection of amine groups in multi-step synthetic sequences. The protected amine can then be deprotected in the presence of other functional groups without interference.
    6. Synthesis of Alkaloids: Some alkaloid syntheses utilize benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl-, because of its ability to be transformed into more complex structures that contain the requisite nitrogen atom for the alkaloid frameworks.
    In essence, benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl- is an important compound in synthetic organic chemistry, being used to create a wealth of chemical entities for medicinal chemistry, material science, and catalysis, thanks to its reactivity and versatility. Its application in chemical synthesis is guided by the demands of the target molecule, and the synthetic routes developed leverage the reactivity profile of benzenemethanimine, α-phenyl- in innovative ways.

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