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Benzenesulfonyl chloride, 2-methoxy-




Molecular Formula:C7H7ClO3S

Molecular Weight:206.6467

UN Number:

Haz Class:

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Synonyms: 2-Methoxybenzenesulfonyl chloride; 10130-87-7; SCHEMBL74380; 2-methoxybenzensulfonylchloride; 2-methoxybenzenesulphonylchloride; 2-methoxybenzene sulfonylchloride; CTK0H4229; DTXSID40395846; GYOBZOBUOMDRRN-UHFFFAOYSA-N; Benzenesulfonyl chloride, methoxy-; Benzenesulfonylchloride,2-methoxy-; 2-methoxybenzene-sulphonyl chloride; 2-Methoxy-benzenesulfonyl chloride; BCP26066; Benzenesulfonyl chloride,2-methoxy-; Benzenesulfonylchloride, 2-methoxy-; KS-00000N4G; 2-(methyloxy)benzenesulfonyl chloride; ANW-14452; BBL103619; Benzenesulfonyl chloride, 2-methoxy-; QC-797; STL557429; 2-methoxybenzene-1-sulfonyl chloride; ZINC60003352; 2-Methoxybenzenesulfonic acid chloride; AKOS000505690; AM90419; AS-7032; CS-W007645; MCULE-9692065314; RP26270; 2-METHOXYBENZENE SULFONYL CHLORIDE; AK-45769; o-Anisolesulfonyl chloride; BR-45769; FS000016; SC-25534; AB0034405; AB1009776; DB-058589; ST2417030; TX-011803; 4CH-015237; BB 0216551; 2-Methoxybenzenesulfonylchloride; FT-0647552; X8557; 2-methoxybenzene sulfonyl chloride, AldrichCPR; B-6248; J-509852; I01-14551; F2167-0058; N-Ethyl(6-chloro-3-pyridyl)methylamine; 6-Chloro-N-ethyl-3-pyridinemethanamine; C7H7ClO3S; 2-methoxyphenylsulfonyl chloride; MFCD01961367; CID3745851; ACMC-1BNTP; AC1MW9XA; methoxyphenylsulfonyl chloride;

Keywords: 10130-87-7,MFCD01961367,1P0004N5,Benzenesulfonyl chloride, 2-methoxy-,C7H7ClO3S

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